To successfully complete this project, you will need to complete the following items.


Here are some additional questions and ideas you may want to consider for your project.

  • Will the cost of each vacation be the same at all times of the year?
  • What factors might affect the cost of the vacation package?
  • What type of graph would be best for showing the temperature variations for the travel destination?
  • Would the Internet be a useful tool in estimating the cost of meals, since meals are not included in the plan?
  • How could you use a spreadsheet to find the cost of different vacation packages?


Here are some ideas for concluding your project.

  • Present your project to your class or at a family night.
  • Present the information on a Web page. Have other students critique your project and help you to make improvements to your project.
  • Write a one-page summary of your project, including what you have learned from researching this topic.
  • Interview a travel agent to learn how they help families plan their vacations.


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