the 8 business functions


Good morning grade 10

My name is Nkosinathi Maseti and today we will be looking at the topic of 8 business functions.


The eight business functions In any business operation, management must be effective if the business is to be successful in achieving its goals. All these work together to bring together a well-balanced ad strategic


The 8 business functions activity

1. list the 8 business functions.

2. which business function covers all the other business functions?

3. Are the 8 business functions interrelated?



The teacher will give the learners a few minutes to answer these few questions in order to check their understanding.

As the learners are doing the short activity, the teacher will go around the classroom assisting any learner that is developing problems.

After the learners finish the activity, the teacher will ask the learners to volunteer in doing the corrections while assisting the learners who got the answers wrong.




  • General management
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing: 
  • Human Resources
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Financial

2. General management 

focuses on the entire business as a whole. General management duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources.




As the corrections were done by the class and i have seen that the learners understood the topic i will give them a homework activity and do the corrections the next day.