Abraham Lincoln



today we  are going to explore the life of Abraham Lincoln. You are about to be amazed about all the cool findings when it comes to our 16th president of the United States. You will learn about the life and important facts about good Ol' Abe Lincoln. You 


Watch/listen to these short videos that I have downloaded for you. As you are going through these videos make sure to remember or take notes of the main points in your Social Studies notebooks. You can draw a picture if it's easy to remember. Do not forget to pay attention because you'll need to know this information for your assignment later.

Biography The Story of Abraham Lincoln for Kids: story of the American president for children

- Top 5 Fun Facts about Abraham Lincoln for Kids | Biography Interesting Facts | Educational Cartoon

-National Monuments: Fun Facts for kids about the Lincoln Memorial (Educational Videos for Students)



After the students have watched those videos I will ask them a few questions;

1. Who is Abraham Lincoln?

2. Why can you tell me about the president?

3. Why was he important?

4. What are 3 facts you can tell me about Abraham Lincoln?

5. What are some of his accomplishments? 


This lesson will be over one day and will take about an hour. When the students are done watching the three online resources they will be required to write 5 coherent sentences. The 5 sentences will contain 5 things they learned about Abraham Lincoln. This worksheet will be on their desks once they have finished the 3 videos. 


There are various ways to learn about American History in a lesson. For example, the lesson I gave above could be one. Another activity could be to let students build a log cabin out of popsicle sticks. The materials they will need is glue and popsicle sticks. The cabin could be a replica of what Abe's house looked like or they can run wild with their imaginations and build one of their own. Students must work at their desk to do this assignment due to all the materials being used. We want to avoid a big mess at all cost. This is good for a kinesthetic learner because it helps learn better by being hands on. By building a cabin this will help the students to see how houses from 1800's evolved to the house's we have today. This helps students to be very open minded while doing this activity. Another activity could be to have students make Abraham Lincoln's famous hat. Students can make his hat by using glue and black construction paper. Students can have fun with this activity by wearing it and having the teacher take a picture of them with it on to take home to their parents.

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STORIES AND TALES Channel (1 episode)

Educational Videos for Kids (2 episodes)