accounting grade 10 salary scale



the above video will explain the concept of salary scale ( theory ) ,it will also illustrate an example on how to calculate salary scale




the outcome of the task are as follow :

  • Understand and explain salary and wages scale 
  • Calculate the salary scale of the business 

Details of the task :

the video is 8:19 Min and the video is about salary scale 


Compilation tasks :

the content of the video explain the terminologies that are used on the topic or concept  of salary scale 

furthermore example of how to calculate salary scale is illustrated on the below video

Activity 1


Analyze the following salary scale :


Showstar traders employed M. Botha on 01 Jan 2002. the following annual scale was agreed upon :

180 000 - x 12 000 - 204 000 x 18 000 - 240 000


Year   Annual Increase   Annual Salary   Monthly Salary



Read the above scenario and complete the activity 

NB: remember there is an entry level (salary) for each employee depending on experience , skills or education 

the employee earns an entry level plus an increase until certain time or reach certain amount as then change in increase happen 

the employee start to receive the new salary increase


use the below links for further information and explanations on salary scale : resources








                                                                                                                                                        mark allocation

work is neat and clearly can be seen                                                                                                            2

all questions are answered and all calculations are answered                                                                     5

calculation are shown  within the correct sequence                                                                                     10     

submitted within the required time frame                                                                                                       3                                                                     







the content of the work that have been posted is to teach and illustrate how you calculate a salary scale 

it shows step to step of how calculations are done 

also the material is for reading to understand and be able to do all the tasks that are required 

please listen to all video's and use the material to be more in dept with the concept of salary scale