AD1 - Write -up 1 - Letter ( Families: a changing paradigm)



You are going to write a letter/e-mail to a friend you haven't been in touch for about TEN years, telling him/her news about your life and your family. 



Suppose you haven't heard from a friend for a long time. Write an e-mail/letter to him/her, telling him/her about what has changed in your life so far. Be sure to COMPARE how different or similar, better or worse things were then and what they are like now. 


Topics about your life that might be included in your letter:


- Family


-Professional Life


- Plans




Although this particular Write UP deals with an informal letter/e-mail, there are two important details that must be considered: the structure and the language.

In order to write a good letter, remember that the minimum of 3 paragraphs is necessary for a coherent text: with Introduction, development and Conclusion. Besides that, you are expected to incorporate the language worked on so far into your piece of writing:

  • Words in Action - P.7: Vocabulary related to families; 

  • Grammar talk - P.11: Ways of Comparing 
    Minimum of 3 new expressions to compare for better/worse or same/different

  • Words in action 2 - P.13 : IDIOMS about Family
    Minimum of 1;

Links to guide your writing:






 * Bear in mind that the only way to improve your vocabulary is trying to use new content.


Total: 10 points

Average: 7 points


2,5 - Connection between topic and content presented in the writing

2,5 - Coherence and Cohesion - Sequence of ideas; textual structure including the use of connectors such as However, Therefore, Thus, etc...

2,5- Accuracy - Legible Grammatical structure

2,5- Creativity - usage of advanced vocabulary ; experiment with new language


After this, I expect you to feel more confident about the content dealt in this first unit.