AD1-Write up 2 Blog Post


Your second composition is in form of a blog post.



You are going to write your first post on your blog.

As a blog is personal, the subject described on it is up to you, you may chose any personal interest and set it as your blog issue.


What should be mentioned on a first blog post:

- Your personal information (Who you are, what you do, interests, etc...)

- Why you are blogging

- What you are blogging about, that is, the main topic of your blog 

- Encourage people to interact and give feedback on your posts


Link to guide you write your own post:




Language Focus:

p. 25 Grammar Talk - Rather (at least one case presented in the book should be included)

p. 28 Expressions to introduce a new idea.

p. 43 Used to and be used to (Past habit and Present habit)

(You can compare how people used to see the subject of interest of your blog in the past and how people see it nowadays, for instance)




Evaluation follows description on your books.