African American History Month


African American History
Black History month or also known as African American History month is an annual commemoration that takes place throughout the month of February; it started in 1915 after the abolition of slavery in the United States when Carter G. Woodson along with Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) a non lucrative organization dedicated to the investigation and the divulgation and exposure of the achievements of Black Americans and people of African descent in U.S. soil or other places on the planet.

In 1926, the ASNLH sponsored a national Negro History Week to take place the second week of February, and in the late 60s, the previously instated week evolved into a month.


As a part of an oral presentation and upcoming evaluation, all students are to respond the following questions for further in-class discussion.
1. How long did the U.S. practice slavery for?
2. How did slavery end?
3. What is Jim Crow law?
4. What are five characteristics of segregation?
5. What is a traveling green book?
6. When did segregation end?
7. What the redlining practice in real state and how does it affect minorities?
8. Why does the U.S. commemorate African-American History month?
9. What is the name of the person who proposed the creation of a black history commemoration?
10. In what year was it proposed and how has evolved throughout times?
11. Who was the person (president of the U.S.) to recognize African-American History month and make it federally official?
12. What are themes in black history month? please name three of them with the corresponding year.


In order to accomplish the task, you must:
1. Split in groups of 3 people (chosen previously by the teacher)
2. Visit the proposed webpages to answer the questionnaire - there are 12 questions, so my suggestion is for you to each respond to 4 questions and then to combine the work.
3. From the webpage that reads "African American history themes" read the pdf that corresponds to your year and prepare a presentation.
4. After reading, follow the link to the google form according to the year of your theme and answer the quiz.



In this section, you will find the further evaluation, as explained before, along with the conversation, each group will be assigned a year, noting that there are six groups, the years to be assigned correspond in the following manner:
Group 1 - 2017
Group 2 - 2018
Group 3 - 2019
Group 4 - 2020
Group 5 - 2021
Group 6 - 2022
To find descriptions on the groups, follow the link that reads African American History themes

Afterwards, there are assigned tests for each year located in the Teacher Page section.


The study of themes like the proposed one, helps a person achieve a mindful and global thinking not only allowing the exploration of an own reality but also, the exploration of other realities.

African American community is a group of individuals that have suffered greatly throughout history and have been often mistreated and misjudged, that is the reason for the importance of this study.


I would like to extend my appreciation to the following pages that have made the task easier:
The Association for the Study of African American Life and History: :…
National Geographic Kids:

Teacher Page