Greetings and welcome to Webquest. Today, we'll talk about algorithms. An algorithm: what is it? 
A step-by-step process or collection of guidelines created to carry out a certain job, resolve a certain issue, or achieve a predetermined result is called an algorithm. To have a better understanding of algorithms, let's watch a little video before we begin.




Students will define what is an algorithm.

Students will create thier own algorithms.



Name                    Date                

1.What is an Algorithm?

2.Write an algorithm for making a sandwhich.

3. Write an algorithm for washing a car.

4. Write an algorithm for cleaning your bedroom.

Criteria 5 (Excellent) 4 (Good) 3 (Satisfactory) 2 (Needs Improvement) 1 (Inadequate)
Clarity Steps are clearly defined with precise language. Steps are mostly clear but may require minor clarification. Steps are understandable but may be confusing in some parts. Steps are unclear, leading to confusion. Steps are not understandable.
Completeness Algorithm covers all necessary steps for the task. Algorithm is mostly complete but may miss minor steps. Algorithm lacks some essential steps. Algorithm is incomplete, missing several key steps. Algorithm is significantly incomplete.
Efficiency Steps are efficient, logical, and minimize unnecessary actions. Steps are mostly efficient, with a few redundant actions. Some steps could be streamlined for better efficiency. Steps are somewhat inefficient or unclear in their order. Steps are highly inefficient or illogical.
Accuracy Algorithm accurately represents the process or task. Minor inaccuracies that do not impact the overall understanding. Some inaccuracies that may cause confusion. Several inaccuracies that affect the understanding. Inaccuracies significantly hinder the understanding.
Reusability Algorithm is easily adaptable for similar tasks. Some adaptation may be needed for similar tasks. Requires significant modification for reuse. Not easily adaptable for similar tasks. Highly specific and not reusable.

Congratulations! Your study of algorithms is now complete. You should be able to define an algorithm and write one after completing this exercise. Thumbs up smiling emoji Emoticon Car DECAL window TRUCK BOAT  LAPTOP CUP STICKER (Size: 48") : Everything Else