Agriculture in Khurn Village


             Have you ever heard about economic in your society? How do you defined it? Yes, as a brief definition, economic is the study of how societies, governments, business, household, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. Economic can define living standard of human being and development of a country. In this study, you will see how economic run in local area. In general, a rural area or countryside is a geographical area that is located outside town and cities. Typically, rural areas have a low population settlement. So, they still have plenty of land and farm to plant. Basically, as we all know agriculture is main economic activity in most of rural area but some rural economic would exclude forestry and catch fisheries because of their scope and management different. Moreover, rural economic mainly focus on farming as mentioned. Now, you are going to study and see the economic status  mand main agriculture of one rural area named by Khrum village. It’s situated in southern part of shan state in Pinlaung township,Myanmar.

You’ll define the main vocation and export of a village obviously by studying from this web quest. Objectives

1.       The aim of this project is the students can differentiate the situation of rural economic.

2.       By doing this project the students will learn and understand the rural economic.


Developed by: Julia, Sui Cer chin, Kham Bu, Nang Su Kyi, Nang Aung Be


These given tasks will let the students know what they need to do exactly while doing research.

  • Journalist task
  • Complication task
  • Design task
  • Creative task
  • Retelling task

Each following task will define the responsibilities of each members.

      For journalist task – go to the village and ask the head of the villager about the economic in that village.

      For compilation task – collect the economic data in Khrum village a systematically.

      For design task – prepare the power point presentation.

      For creative task – create the power point presentation.

      For retelling task – present in the classroom.


Step 1

       Make a group discussion and divide the task. The web are given in the below for each task.

•        Journalist task (2 members)

•        Compilation task (1 member)

•        Design task (1 member)

•        Creative task taker (1 member)

•        Retelling task taker (2 members)


Step 2

       After two weeks, first meeting they are going to discuss what they have done in their own project and recover all the things that they need together.

Step 3

       In the next day, journalist task taker will share the data what they have collected and then creative task taker will prepare power point for the presentation.

Step 4

       In the fourth meeting, they will do editing and have rehearsal for their presentation.

Step 5

       As the last project, they have to present their project in the class.


Team participation assessment



0,1 point


2 points

Very good

3 points


4 points





 Frequently failed to complete tasks on time

 Sometime failed to complete tasks on time

  Was responsible and completed

Most tasks on time

 Exceeded our expectation on timely completion of tasks and follow  up



Of work

Quality of work often failed to meet our expectations

Quality of work sometimes failed to meet our expectations

Quality of work meet our expectations

Quality of work frequently exceeded our expectations




Uncooperative or unwilling to listen and support others to achieve groups goals

Cooperative, but occasionally unwilling to listen or support colleagues

Consistently listen to others ideas and work cooperatively to achieve goals

Consistently listen to others willing to sacrifice personal interests to achieve our goals


Overall assessment

I’d refuse to work with this member again

I’d be reluctant to work with this member again

I’d be pleased to work with this member again

I’d actively seek to work with this member again



What are the major economic activities of Khrum village?

What is the main basic of Khrum village economic?

What is the important of rural economic development in Khrum?

What is the need of rural economic development in khrum?


We got the resources to make our web quest from given website below;

These given websites are all about the information of economic in rural areas;

www.https// > wiki > Rural

www. > agriculture/rural

These given website are for the journalist task taker;   

These given website are for the compilation task taker;

These websites are for design and creative task taker;

These website are for retelling task taker;