Alcohol Use & Binge Drinking - EAP Research Report Topic


This Webquest will help you to prepare to write a Research Report about Alcohol Use & Binge Drinking by viewing and analysing a few videos on this topic, and specifically on Causes and Effects.

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You will be allocated one video from four. Watch the video and take notes.

Think about these questions:

- What are the main causes/effects mentioned in the video?

- What categories does the video put them into?

- Could I use these categories or subjects as sections of my Research Report?


Collect notes on the main ideas and topics in the video, and the language the speaker in the video uses to describes them.

Collect 10 useful vocabulary words you hear in the video and find their dictionary definitions.

Post this information on Blackboard to share with your classmates.

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Binge Drinking - Cause Video 1

Binge Drinking - Cause Video 2

Binge Drinking - Effects Video 1

Binge Drinking - Effects Video 2