Algebra WebQuest


Algebra is an extremely diverse an robust subject that we as people use every day even if we do not think about it! There are many important aspects needed to master algebra, but before you can master algebra you have to know what your textbook is talking about. For this WebQuest, you will have to search the web for various algebraic terminology and techniques and create your own glossary.


You will use search engines and any websites you wish to use to research algebraic terms create your own glossary. You MUST put the definitions in your own words. You must come up with definitions for the following terms:



Distributive Property





FOIL Method






You will work on your own at the computer station for this WebQuest and use Microsoft Word to create your glossary. 

Your glossary must meet the following criteria:

  • Header including your name, class, and date
  • List of terms
  • Clear definitions of terms in your own words
  • The list of sites you used for the WebQuest

You can be creative with how you want the glossary to look, just be sure that it is easily readable. You can earn bonus points for presentation!


Students will be scored in accordance with the following rubric: 

Note: Copy and pasting definitions will result in a 0 for the assignment! I would rather you have an unclear definition than use someone else's!

  4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point Score
Simply completing the task will award full points Fully completed glossary with title, terms with definitions, and resources used.  A few missing elements such as the title or a few terms/definitions. Several missing elements. Barely completed glossary.  

How clear are definitions? Are they in your own words? Copy and pasting will result in 0 points

Clear and full definitions using your own words. Some unclear definitions or clear definitions that are not fully formed.  Several unclear and incomplete definitions Majority definitions are not clear and not fully formed.   
Bonus! You may earn up to 3 bonus points for how well you present your glossary (Style, formatting, etc.)   Very creative style and formatting while keeping glossary clear and readable Clear effort made to have a presentable glossary, but maybe missing some clarity.  A small effort was made to improve presentation  



Congratulations! You have completed your very own Algebra glossary! You will be able to use this glossary to familiarize yourself with the terms and techniques we will use throughout the school year.