All About Clouds


A webquest for 3rd graders

Designed by:

Kaelyn Roman

Bill Dickinson

You and your class are getting ready to go for a picnic today, but you're worried about the weather. You heard the man on the news say that the clouds were building up, and you could expect some crazy weather for the next couple of days!

Partner up with your shoulder buddy! Your teacher will give you a cloud to research and build!

Will you and your class be able to go on your picnic? What kinds of clouds mean bad weather? What clouds mean good weather?


As students, you will...

  • Research a cloud type given to you by your teacher
  • Design your cloud using cotton balls
  • Present your cloud to your classmates
  • Decide if you and your class can go on your hike
  • Decide what clouds mean trouble, and what clouds mean good weather

Videos That Need To Be Watched:

Websites To Look At:


1- Partner up with your shoulder buddy!

2- Wait for the teacher to give you and your partner a cloud type!

3- Research your cloud with your partner, you will need

  • The name of your cloud
  • What the name of you cloud means
  • How all clouds form
  • What weather your cloud will bring
  • How high in the sky your cloud is
  • A cotton ball diagram on cardboard of what your cloud looks like

4- Build a poster, slideshow, prezi, etc. to show your findings to your classmates!

  • Ask your teacher if you want to use a different presentation resource!

How To Build Your Cotton Ball Clouds:

Cotton balls are easily pulled apart, and easy to smoosh together. Use this to make wisps, clumps, and strands depending on what you cloud type needs!

You will need...

  • A piece of cardboard
  • 5 to 15 cotton balls
  • Glue










How on task are you

and your partner? Did

you both stay on task 

the whole time?

My partner and I didn't

stay on task the whole 


My partner and I were

able to work for most 

of the time, but got 

distracted for a bit.

Either my partner or I

would be on task the

whole time, we might

have switched back 

and forth.

Both my partner and I 

were on task the ENTIRE

time, and didn't get 



Did both you and your

partner work on

researching and putting

together your


Neither my or my partner

researched our cloud.

We might have done very

little work on our 


Both my partner and I

worked on our 

presentation and our 

research, but one of us

worked harder than the


Both my partner and 

I worked on our

presentation and our 

research. We did equal

amounts of work.

Both my partner and I

went above and beyond

with our research and our

presentation. We used a

unique site, or had a 

unique component.


Did you present your

part of the presentation

loudly, clearly, while

looking at the audience?

Only one of us presented

our information to the 


Either my partner or I

talked the most. It

wasn't evenly 


Both my partner and I 

presented our

information with two of

the three "good speaker


Both my partner and I

presented our parts, with

all three of the "good

speaker points".




Congrats! You're a meteorologist in training now! You now know what each cloud is, and what they mean!

When you go outside to play, take a look up at the sky and see what kind of clouds are out today!