All about fats webquest


Do you get confused about fats? are they bad for us? are they good? how much is good for us? It can be confusing and challenging to know what we should and shouldn't be eating in terms of fat. During this webquest we will investigate the differences between good and bad fats and gain a better understanding of what foods we should avoid, and what we should be adding to our daily diets.


Read the linked article and infographic to answer the questions below.


True or False

1. Trans fats occur naturally in beef, lamb, and some dairy products.


2. Your body needs fats.


3. If the nutrition facts panel says there are 0 grams of trans fats in the food item, it means there aren't any.


Multiple Choice

4. Trans fats ______

a. raise both good and bad cholesterol levels

b. lower both good and bad cholesterol levels

c. raise bad and lower good cholesterol levels


5. Which statement is true?

a. LDL and HDL signify bad cholesterol levels.

b. LDL signifies bad cholesterol levels and HDL signifies good cholesterol levels.

c. LDL signifies good cholesterol levels and HDL signifies bad cholesterol levels.


6. Which statement is true?

a. Unsaturated fats are bad for you and saturated fats are good for you.

b. Unsaturated fats are good for you and saturated fats are bad for you.

c. Both unsaturated and saturated fats are bad for you.


7. What meal below should you eat to best limit trans fat intake?

a. grilled chicken, baked potato, corn

b. fried chicken, beans, broccoli with cheese

c. chicken pot pie


8. The best definition of "all-cause mortality" is

a. everything that causes your body to make fats

b. keeping people healthy

c. everything that causes death


Short answer

9. What phrase on the infographic helped you choose the answer for number 7?


10. Hydrogenated oils make vegetable oils more _____________________.


11. Name three health risks of eating trans fats.





12. Give three reasons some companies use trans fats.





13. Name 5 foods that contain trans fats.








14. Why do you think the U.S. government has not restricted restaurants from using trans fats? Be sure to include information from the sources in your reasoning.



Answer key

1. true

2. true

3. false

4. c

5. b

6. b

7. a

8. c

9. It says the good fats lower the rate of all-cause mortality so it should be something not good.

10. solid

11. heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes

12. easy to use, inexpensive to produce, long-lasting

13. answers can include any of the following: doughnuts, cookies, crackers, muffins, pies, cakes, frozen pizza, biscuits

14. answer should include either people have free choice or that it benefits companies since they are inexpensive