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In this WebQuest, we will be making an All About Me! book. This is meant to be a fun way to record what your life is like right now! It is also a great way for others to get to know you. You will answer the question with your own personal answers. You will draw pictures and write sentences. 



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As you grow up, the things you like or like to do can change! We are going to do an activity to track what those current likes are. For the questions, you will be pulling information from your life. You will think about your family, your likes, and interests. You will be given a pre-made booklet, but it will have blank spaces for you to fill in. 


First, on the cover of your booklet you will draw a picture of yourself. The pages will be as follows:

1. What is my first and last name?

2. I am ___ years old.

3. I am in ___ grade!

4. I have ___ brothers and ___ sisters.

5. I have a pet ___. (or I would like to have a ____ as a pet)

6. My favorite food is ____.

7. My favorite thing to do is ____.

8. My best friend's name is ____.

9. I would like to be a ____ when i grow up!

10. My #1 wish would be ____!




Use chart below to make sure each task is completed.


1 2 3 4 Score
Drawing Student has not drawn any pictures. Student has drawn a few pictures. Student has drawn pictures but missing important elements. Student has drawn pictures on every page to go with the sentence written.   
Sentence Student did not write any sentences. Student wrote words but incomplete sentences. Student wrote a sentence with a few errors. Student wrote a sentence on every page answering the questions.  

Total Score:


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Good job! You have created your very own All About Me! Now that you have completed this booklet, at the end of the year you can make another one on your own and see how much has changed. You can also give it to others so they can learn about you! If they make one, you can learn about them too!

Teacher Page

Focus: The focus of this project is to help the students answer questions in complete sentences and draw an appropriate picture. 

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to complete an All About Me! booklet on their own.