All About Symbiotic Relationships


                                                                       Symbiosis WebQuest                                                                          

                                                                     Created by: Mr. Kramer

Think about all the relationships you have in your life with all the different people/things (think outside the box here) you have those relationships with.

Are you thinking?

Good! You have one minute to write down the names of as many people and things that you have a relationship with in your life. Ready? GO!

Now let's dive a little deeper into those relationships...

Do any of those relationships benefit both you and the other person/thing? Do any of them benefit one, but the other is completely unaffected?  Are there any relationships that benefit you and harm the other person/thing? How about a relationship that is beneficial to the other person/thing, but harmful to you?

In ecosystems all over the world there are countless examples (probably millions) of organisms having relationships with other organisms. In some instances those relationships benefit both organisms. In some relationships only one organism benefits while the other is completely unaffected. And in a third type of relationship, one organism benefits while the other is harmed, or, sometimes, even killed. 

Completion of this web quest will ensure that you become an expert in the 3 different types of ecological relationships organisms have with one another.

Scroll down to the "Task" section to get started. Good Luck.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you will), is to meet the following learning goals by completing all the activities in this WebQuest:

  • Define the term "Symbiotic Relationship"
  • Name and explain the three types of Symbiotic Relationships
  • Explain the difference between a symbiotic relationship and a predator/prey relationship
  • Determine the type of symbiotic relationship described between two organisms
  • Explain the importance of symbiotic relationships to the health and sustainability of an ecosystem      What possible impact(s) could the collapse of any given symbiotic relationship have on the ecosystem    of the organisms who share in that relationship and why? 

Scroll down to the "Process" tab to get started


                                 Hello, Fellow Science Researchers!

On this page you will find all the information you need in order to complete this WebQuest. Be sure to read all the directions and complete all tasks. Good Luck!!

  1. Start by clicking on the following link and taking the Symbiotic Relationship Pre-Assessment in google classroom
  2. Open your notebook and put the heading "Symbiotic Relationships" at the top of a new page.
  3. Once complete, return to your google classroom page and click on the announcement that says, "Symbiotic Relationships Power Point Slide" copy the definition into your notebook under your symbiotic relationship heading
  4. There are 3 different types of symbiotic relationships. Follow this link and use the page to name and describe/define the 3 main types of symbiotic relationships in your notebook
  5. Click the following link . You will be taken to a web page that discusses the difference between predator/prey relationships and parasitism. Read the page and look at green and blue chart on the page. In your notes, list 3 of the differences between predator/prey relationships and parasitism.
  6. Click the following link to be taken to a document that has 3 links to short YouTube videos and watch all three...The third video is really AWESOME! 
  7. Once you have completed all of the activities above, scroll to the "Evaluation" tab to move to the final stage of this WebQuest



The following link will take you to the Post-Assessment Page  

The assessment will determine whether or not you have met the learning goals this WebQuest was intended to help you achieve. Take the quiz and submit. When you are finished with the quiz and have submitted it return here and move on to the "Conclusion" tab.


The final piece to this assignment will be to go to your google classroom page and open the document titled "Why is Symbiosis Important?" Follow the directions, complete the task, and submit the document (you can type right on the document I provided, that way it will submit to classroom instead of being shared with my google drive--this makes it easier for me to find and sort things by class period).