American Dream Webquest


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Today in class, we will focus on addressing one of the core concepts of Hamilton: The Musical. That is the concept of the American Dream. 

You will navigate through these steps of the webquest to find the information that you need in order to fully understand the concept of the American Dream and how it relates to Hamilton. You will want to compile your answers on a Google Doc and submit them on Google Classroom when completed in order to receive full credit. 

To begin the webquest, move on to the "task" tab.


Source 1: What is the American Dream?

1. In your own words, what is the American Dream?


2.  What are 2 elements that make up the American Dream?


Source 2: Famous Takes on the American Dream

3. Choose two of the people featured in the source. What is your reaction to their quotes on the American Dream? Do you agree with their take? Why or why not?


4. What ideas seem important after reading all the quotes? What roles do hard work, immigration, or success have to do with how people understand The American Dream?


Source 3: The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

5. What parts/ideas of this primary source do you think relate to the American Dream? (Hint: What rights do they believe we have that relate to the American Dream?)


6. How do you think our founding fathers would have defined the American Dream and why? Would they think it was more about freedom of opportunity or freedom of economic advancement?


Source 4: Alexander Hamilton's Life

7. What are some of the challenges Alexander Hamilton had to overcome?


8. What were some of the things Alexander Hamilton achieved?


9. How does Alexander Hamilton represent the original American Dream?


Source 5: Your American Dream

10. Take the American Dream Score quiz linked above. Then, in a well-developed paragraph, reflect on your results. Do you agree with the quiz's opinion on how your success has been obtained? Why or why not? How do your results compare to others who've taken the test?