The American Revolution


In this web quest, you are going to learn about the events that caused the American Revolution almost 300 years ago. More specifically, you will learn about the laws, acts, and several other driving forces that caused the American Colonists to rise up and rebel against "Mother England". At the end of this activity, you will be an expert on the American Revolution and can apply your newfound knowledge to your future classes. The main idea of this web quest is to understand this specific portion of history in America, which will lead to a great respect and appreciation of our current country. Because let's face it, the United States of America would not be what it is today without foundational building blocks like the American Revolution.

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In this web quest, you will play the role of a journalist who is writing an article for your local newspaper to inform your community about what is going on in the colonies as a whole, and determine whether or not a war is in the works. Through this process, you will learn about acts and laws pressed by England that pushes the Colonists, causing events and individual people within the colonies to fight back! Your job is to outline these events in your newspaper article to warn (or not warn, who knows) your community about the possibility of a war. 

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First thing's first- you will need to get an overview of the situation at hand that you are writing about. It's a juicy story you'll really want to sink your teeth into! Click the play button on the video below

After watching the video, you should have a pretty good idea of what began the American Revolution. To test your knowledge, answer these questions to ensure mastery:

- What year did the Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock?

- How did King George react to the Colonists complaining to him?

- Did the Colonists agree with the way England was treating them? Did their feelings ever change?

But, of course, the details to this historical event go much deeper than the song relays. By clicking on the link below, you will read a bit deeper into the acts that King George pushed on the Colonists, causing some dissent between the colonies and England.

After reading, write out 3 of the Acts listed and describe what they are. In your opinion, which one is the worst? Why? You should be able to answer the following questions:

- What does "No Taxation without Representation" mean?

- How did the Intolerable Acts impact the Colonists?

One of the most pivotal moments during the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party. Click on the link below to read more about what it was and how it was the turning point for the Colonists.

After reading, you should be able to answer these questions:

- Who organized the Boston Tea Party?

- What Act caused the Colonists to respond with the Boston Tea Party?


Man, talk about a story that'll really sell the papers!

One of the most influential people during the American Revolution was Samuel Adams. He formed a patriotic group called the Sons of Liberty. Click on the first link below to read about Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty. After reading, click on the play button on the video to learn about Samuel Adams's life and role in the American Revolution.

After watching the video above, talk with your table and discuss what you learned from this video. I (teacher) will be walking around and listening to your conversations, so be sure they are full of information form the video.

 Do you have enough information on the American Revolution to write your article, editor? Great! Now, your task is to create an article for your local newspaper to tell your local community whether or not to prepare for possible warfare. Based off of the information you gathered from your web quest, you should be able to easily tell if times are happy in the colonies, or if the Colonists should prepare for battle!

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You should be able to write an article for a newspaper based on the information they learned in this web quest. In doing this, you will express mastery and show that you learned the content well enough to free-write about it. Be sure to answer the main questions at hand- informing the community on what is going on, and determine whether or not a war is on the horizon. 

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Think about your journey through this web quest about the American Revolution. Do you think the Colonists had a reason to rebel against King George and all of England? One of the main points from this web quest was to show that the Colonists did not rise up against England overnight. It was a series of events, laws, and acts that eventually became too much for the Colonists to bear, and wanted to become their own sovereign country. Events like these shape the future, and if it weren't for the American Revolution, we would not be the America that we are today. 


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