Analysing Climate Change


Climate Change is a topic which is addressed in newspapers and many professionals as well as many young people address this topic frequently in conversations and accordingly adapt their lifestyle.

In this webquest you will learn about climate change more deeply.


Get together in groups and prepare a digital A4 poster about climate change. You have to choose one of the following topics:

  1. Causes - What causes climate change?
  2. Consequences - How does climate change affect us / the planet?
  3. Measures - How can we prevent climate change?

Your poster has to contain the following information:

  • Headline
  • Information on your topic
  • 2 pictures 

Once completed, send the poster to your teacher. Be ready to present it in class.

  1. Get together in groups of 3 
  2. Group: Decide on the topic you want to present
  3. Individually: Use the sources provided in order to start your research and take notes
  4. Individually: Use the keywords provided to find further resources and take notes
  5. Group:Discuss your notes with your group and decide on important information that should be on your poster
  6. Group: Create a first draft of your poster together (
  7. Individually: Let someone you trust (parents, siblings, friends, ...) proofread your draft
  8. Group: Create a final draft of your poster together
  9. Group: Prepare to present your topic in class (each of you has to speak about your topic for ~2 minutes!)



General Information:

  1. Causes - What causes climate change?
    Keywords: climate, change, causes
  2. Consequences - How does climate change affect us / the planet?,,on%20people's%20livelihoods%20and%20communities.
    Keywords: climate, change, consequences, effects on people, effects on animals, effects on planet
  3. Measures - How can we prevent climate change?
    Keywords: climate, change, prevention, stop
  1. Process
    How much has everyone of you worked for the completion of this task?
    Have you used the time at hand to work, or have you used your time otherwise?
  2. Product
    Is your poster easy to read, even if you stand 2 metres away?
    Are your thoughts easy to follow?
  3. Presentation
    Introduce yourselves and your topic
    Be sure everyone can speak for 2 minutes about your topic!
    Close your presentation

The most important part about learning something new is to think about how everything worked out in the end and to think about how you could improve for another time.

Thoughts about the topic and the webquest
What have you learned about the topic climate change?
Was the webquest easy for you to follow?

Thoughts about your work
How did you work together?
How did you use the time that you had?
Have you split up the work between you and your group evenly?
Have you done your best to learn new vocabulary and speak English?


a Webquest created in Austria