Ancient Egypt Pyramids



In this webquest, you are going to learn why the ancient Egyptians used pyramids and how they went about building them. Specifically, you will learn how the Egyptians chose locations for the pyramids, what materials they used for the pyramids, and what sort of steps they took to build one. At the end of the activity, you will be able to apply your new found knowledge of pyramids by trying your hand at building your own.

The big idea of this webquest is to gain an appreciation for how the ancient Egyptians built such magnificent creations with so little advanced science or technology. While it seems like the pyramids are just large piles of stone, this activity will show you how complex the decisions that went into building these temples truly were. 



In this webquest, you are taking on the role of the Pharaoh Khufu, who is starting to plan for his own pyramid, or “House of Eternity.” You will have to learn the technical aspects of building a pyramid and what sorts of things pyramids are used for. You will learn to take this information into the deserts of ancient Egypt to start building your very own pyramid, in order to ease your way into the afterlife. 


First, you will want to know what some finished pyramids look like, both inside and out. Follow this link: to view a gallery of images. You’ll need to hit the “Launch Interactive” button. Based only on the pictures you’ve seen, answer the following questions:

1.  What do you think these pyramids were used for?

2. Have you ever seen a place or thing that looks like it may have the same purpose?


Now you need to really find out why the ancient Egyptians built these monuments. Follow these the links below to examine the history and purpose of the ancient pyramids. While you’re reading, make sure that you answer questions 3-:6 What did the Egyptians put inside of the pyramids?

4. Around what times were the pyramids built?


5.  Why did they build then next to the Nile River?


6.  What guards the pyramids?

7. Who did the physical labor of building the pyramids?


8.  What is the name of the most famous pyramid?

9. How long did it take to build a pyramid?


If you’re going to build a pyramid nice enough for you to be satisfied and safe for all of eternity, you’re going to need to learn some of the technical aspects that go into building a pyramid. Follow this link: a page that will help you out. 

10. What is the best location for building your pyramid?

11. What materials can your build your pyramid out of?

12.  How long did it take to build your pyramid?

13. What scores did you receive?




Write a paragraph explain how  pyramids help us know so much about life in Ancient Egypt?