Animal Habitats Exploration


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 You are about to start a journey of discovery about animal homes. A fancy word for animal homes is habitat. All plants and animals have different needs that help them survive where they live. This is why there are different habitats. Each habitat meets the plant's and animals' needs.

 Are you ready to learn more? Let's grab your animal facts sheet and a sense of adventure and go exploring!




        Flamingo Spreading Its Wings    1 Elephant Beside on Baby ElephantOrange and White Koi Fish Near Yellow Koi Fish  Selective Focus Photography of Brown Deer on Green Grass Field2 Rabbits Eating Grass at Daytime

Think about your favorite wild animal. Ask yourself the following questions. What does this animal eat? What kind of shelter does this animal need? Is there anything else this animal needs from its home to live? As a scientist, you will explore the five different habitats and answer these questions about your animal.



  • Use these websites to discover your animal's home and answer your animal fact sheet.
  1.  Watch this video first:
  2.  Go here and explore:
  3. Play around here:
  • Find a partner and compare your animal fact sheets. Answer the questions on the back of your animal fact sheet to compare your animal habitats.
  • Pick another animal and repeat the steps above.
  • Pick one of your animals and draw them in their habitat. Don't forget to label the picture.
  • As a class, we will make an anchor chart of our animals and their habitats. Good scientists discuss and share their research with others. You will share your animal that you decide to draw in their habitat. You will show the class your picture and we will add them to our chart.            

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                                                                   Brown and Green Giraffe Figurine on Book                                                                                                   


  Very Good Good Poor Very Poor Score

Information on Animal Habitat Fact Sheet

Understanding and characteristics of habitats are well communicated Some understanding and characteristics are well communicated Not a lot of understanding or characteristics of habitats are communicated No understanding or characteristics of habitats are shown 30%
Internet Activities Excellent cooperation and understanding of activities

Good cooperation and understanding of activities

Some understanding or some cooperation in activities No cooperation or understanding in activities 30%
Animal Habitat Drawing Excellent understanding of habitat shown with creativity

Good understanding of habitat shown with some creativity

Some understanding of habitat shown or some creativity shown Habitat drawing project is not completed 30%
Teamwork Excellent teamwork and cooperation demonstrated

Very good cooperation and teamwork demonstrated

Teamwork and cooperation need improvement No teamwork 10%

Total  Score: 100%


Congrats! You have completed your expedition and research on animal habitats. Its time for you to make a big lion roar and give yourself a monkey pat on the back! Good job, explorers!  

                                     Shallow Focus Photo of Two Brown Lions                            Selective Focus Photo of Brown Mokey


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