Animals and their Certain Characteristics


A pleasant morning/afternoon everyone! Today, we will have our discussion regarding animals and their certain characteristics. Before we start, I will let you a watch video.

Did you enjoy watching it class?


Your task is to draw your favorite animals and describe their characteristics.


1. The teacher will provide things needed for the instructions.

2. After receiving the things, pupils will start to draw.

3. If done, teacher will collect the outputs.

4. The teacher will pick a student randomly to describe what they draw.


1. Given 10 minutes, the teacher will let the pupils prepare a short play.

2. After the presentation of the pupils, the teacher will evaluate them using rubrics.

3. The teacher will give feedback to the pupils.


After the activity, the kindergarten pupils will be able to know the certain characteristics of the different kinds of animals.


1. Youtube

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Pamela Rojas Omilgo

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

2nd Year