Animals and their Habitats


How many of you like animals and insects? Do you know some animals that live on land? Do you know some animals that live in the water? What about animals that live on land and can live in the water too, do you know of any? Today, we are going to look at animals and their habitat. I have put together this webquest to help you learn about the different animals and their habitat. 


For this lesson, you will be completing two different activities. First, you will watch a video over the topic then you will fill out a venn diagram and answer some questions. Then, you will have a fun game to play , and when you are done you will add to you diagram then answer questions from it. 

The first activity is a video discussing animals and their different habitats. You will watch the video then fill out the venn diagram and answer the questions you are given. For the venn diagram, on one side you will list the animals that are found on land, on the other side you will list the animals found in the water. In the middle, you will list what animals can be found on land and water. When answering the questions you will answer them on the Webquest and in your journal. 

The second activity is a game. When you have finished three rounds of the game you will then complete the questions in your journal and finish adding to the venn diagram.




1. I have attached a link for you, it is the venn diagram for you to take notes from both activities on.

Activity 1:

2. Please follow the link below to watch the video. While watching take notes using the venn diagram. If you need to stop the video throughout to write. After you have finished the entire video then answer the questions below. 


1.  What is a habitat?

     A. a place where animals live

     B. a store

     C. a playground


2. What habitat do you live in?

     A. a tree

     B. a home

     C. the ocean

     D. a neighborhood


3. What five things does an animal need to survive in its habitat?




4. Which animals live in a pond?

      A.  starfish, turtle, crab

      B.  earthworm, centipede

      C.  grasshopper, cow, buffalo, dragonfly

      D. frog, duck, fish


5. Which animals live in the forest?

       A. snake, monkey, birds, skunks, squirrels

       B. elephant, lion, tiger, bear, giraffe

       C. pig, cow, goat, sheep 

       D. frog, crocodile, turtle


Activity 2:

3. This is the link for the second activity. After each round or while you are playing add to your venn diagram. When you have finished three rounds, answer the questions below. 


1. What is the Mangrove?



2. What were the three animals you found on the first round? Where do they live?



3. What three trees did you find on round 2? Are those the habitats of animals?



4.  What prey did you find on round 3? 



5.  Where were the prey living at on round 3? On Land or in water? Is there prey on both, on land, and in water?




You will be scored on the accuracy of the questions you answered.

There are 10 questions, each question is worth one point. If you answer the question correctly you will receive one point. 

Your venn diagram is also worth 5 participation points. If you venn diagram is complete and you discussed many different animals and their habitats you will receive the points. If you did not complete this to the best of your ability you will receive zero points. 

If you are active and participate you will receive another 5 participation points. If throughout the web quest you are really focusing and working well you will receive 5 points. If you are not focusing or participating you will zero points.

Together this web quest is worth 20 points. 


Questions             / 10
Venn Diagram           / 5
Participation           / 5
Total          / 20 



After completing these two activities I hope you have learned more about animals and their habitats. We will add more to the information we have learned today as we go further into this unit. This web quest was just the start of what is to come. We will be learning more and more about the different animals and their habitats. 


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Teacher Page

This webquest is built for a 2nd grade classroom that is beginning to learn about animals and their habitats. 

The webquest is an introduction of some of the animals that can be found in their different habitats. It is built that the students can learn from it, but can continue to learn more in depth knowledge afterwards. The information the students are given in this webquest can be built on throughout the unit. 

The Performance Expectation for standard 2-LS4-1 that is used for this wezbquest is make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats. With the help of the video and the game in this webquest the students are able to observe many different animals, and then compare them using the venn diagram. 

The disciplinary core idea is there are many kinds of living things in any area, and they exist in different places on land, in water, and in air. (LE.LS4D.a) The video and the game discuss animals in different habitats. Some of the animals are in the water, some are on land, and some are in the air. By the end of this webquest quest students will be able to list a few animals that fall under each habitat.