Animals Around the World


►Hey Dear Students look at the video, Could you guess what is it about?

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  • Take notes about the name of the animals.
  • Can you tell me about the animal that we will take about in this lesson?
  • Your task is to read the following reading about Fennec Fox and pay attention to all details of this great animal such as features, qualities, and appearance of this animal.
  • You will learn about Fennec Fox .
  • After the reading, you will be able to make some worksheets based on the fantastic Fennec Fox.

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You have to list the different animals in your notebook that the teacher presents in a worksheet.

You have to read carefully.

Fennec Fox reading


In a short summary

Animals from around the world are considered important because they have life. However, the human being has been destroying some animals in the world. For example, the animal Fennec Fox is in danger of extinction. Fennec Fox as a native of the Sahara desert and other areas of North Africa, the fennec fox uses his ears and other adaptations to survive the heat. Their ears help dissipate heat and locate small prey. They have a protected state in some areas, but there are still numerous threats to their livelihood. These threats include human invasion, climate change, disease, the fur trade and, finally, the pet trade. Remember my students that as human beings, we must be aware of the damage we are causing to animals. It is important to protect the environment by reducing pollution, avoiding killing animals because the Earth is our home and we must be friends with nature.

Teacher Page

Teachers: Gabriela Palacios, Selena Simaluisa and Doménica Tobar

Grade:  Tenth 
Unit: One
Topic: Animals around the world
General Objective
The student will be able to choose and write in the worksheet the correct information from the reading of the Big-Eared, Bushy-Tailed Fennec Fox.

Specific Objectives
The student will watch a video about animals.
•    The student will take notes of the different animals presented in the video.
•    The student will understand the main points of the Fennec Fox.
At the end of this lesson students should be able to: 
•    Know the name of different animals.
•    Understand the main ideas of the reading about Fennec Fox.
•    List at least two ways the fennec fox's ears help it to survive.
•    Know about the facts of the fennec fox.