An apple a day


This task is about the unit 7 "An apple a day" from the student's book "open world 1".

This webquest includes a test about your own eating habits and further on, creating a wordcloud about a text, which you are going to read in the second step.


1. Healthy eating quiz (pair work) 

1) Go to this website:

Do the quiz carefully on your own (it takes you about 20 minutes).

2) Get together with your partner and share and compare your results with your partner.

2. Reading: an apple a day (pair work)

1) Click on the link and read the text with your partner. Read the text out loud. The both of you must have read a part of the text.

2) Write a short summary about the information in the text. Create a word document for that. The summary has to be around 150 words.

3) Go to this website and create your own wordcloud by copying your short summary and pasting it on the website.

4) Print out your created wordcloud and bring it to class.