Arshad lives in Karachi, Pakistan. He’s eleven years old. He lives in Bandar Road, in the centre of Karachi, but he goes to an American school in Clifton. Clifton is a nice area of Karachi, but is far away from home. He usually goes to school by bus, with the other students, but sometimes his dad, Mr. Khan, drives him to school. Every morning he gets up at 7 o’clock; he takes a shower and gets dressed. He always eats breakfast with his parents, his younger sister, Jameela and his older brother, Ahmad.

After breakfast he takes the bus and arrives at the school at eight. In the school Ahmad studies a lot of interesting subjects, like Science, Geography, English, Urdu and Arabic. The English teacher, Mr. Shareef, is his favourite teacher.

He has lunch in the school canteen, and then he goes back home at five. In the evening he studies and does the homework. He often goes out to play cricket with his friends, although first he finishes his homework. Ahmad never goes to play without finishing his homework. At eight o’clock Ahmad and his family have dinner together, and watch TV or talk before going to bed.

On Saturdays Ahmad and his family go to the mall to buy nice things, eat at a restaurant and watch a movie.

When he grows up, Ahmad wants to be a doctor, like his father.




Where does Arshad live?


How old is Arshad?


What is Clifton?


How does Arshad get to school?


How many siblings does Arshad have?


How often does Arshad go to the cinema?


Why does Arshad want to be a doctor?