The Artificial Intelligence


                                                           artificial intelligence ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Hello Everyone!

I believe that mos t of you are getting help from an artificial intelligence with or without knowing it, but today I want you to learn what an artificial intelligence is and where do we use it. I believe that you will be surprised to learn how artificial intelligence is making your life easier every day.


                                    artificial intelligence ile ilgili görsel sonucu

You will work in groups of 4.

With your group, you will find an artificial intelligence that is being used and create a poster to show what you have learned. Your poster should have the following sections; When and by whom it was created, where is it being used, what kind of features it has, and finally your comments on it.

You should use visual aids in your poster, the information given should be brief and clear.


                        Ä°lgili resim

You are expected to send your choice of an artificial intelligence due 15.03.2019 midnight via e-mail in order for me to approve it.

After your approval is made you should start making your research in order to create your poster.

Due date for the posters is 22.03.2019 during the course.



  1 2 3 4 Score


Visual aids are not sufficient for the poster. Organization of the poster should be revised. Some minor changes needed about the design. Organized and clear design.  
Information Provided Information provided is not sufficient enough. Information provided needs to be summarized. Information provided needs clarification. Information given is sufficient and clear.  
Presentation Presenters were not prepared. Presenters were somewhat prepared. Presenters were prepared. Presenters were well prepared.  
          Total Score: 



I hope you have learned useful information about the technology that you are using daily and become aware of the artificial intelligence.