Artificial Intelligence - Essay


Hello Everyone!

In this task, you will learn a lot about Artificial Intelligence. I believe that most of you are getting help from artificial intelligence with or without knowing it, but today I want you to learn what artificial intelligence is and where we use it. I believe that you will be surprised to learn how artificial intelligence is making your life easier every day.


You are required to write an essay which you should submit to your ICT teacher

The essay is to be written according to the following:
At least 400 words.
Properly formatted;
With a title page,
Table of contents, and


You will have to write an essay about the modern usage of AI. The introduction may include some more extensive historical background. Later you should write about the most modern applications. In the conclusions write about your feelings, benefits and/or threats.

Below you can find some resources to help you, but do not base only on them:

Criteria Points What should be examined?
Content 13 - 30 Are learner essays knowledgeable, substantive, well-developed, and relevant to the topic?
Organization 7 - 20 Are ideas fluently expressed, clearly stated, and well-supported? Are essays well-organized, logically developed, and cohesive?
Vocabulary 7 - 20 Is vocabulary sophisticated in range, effectively chosen, and used in an appropriate register?
Language 5 - 25 Do essays include more complex constructions and fewer grammatical errors?
Mechanics 2 - 5 Do essays include a few errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphing?

Your essay will be evaluated based on 5 kinds of criteria: content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics 

Remember, that the content of your essay will be more important than the above table.


Artificial Intelligence deals with the design of systems that can mimic human behaviour. I believe that most of you are getting help from artificial intelligence with or without knowing it and I hope you have learned the basics of AI. Make sure you have not copied anything from the Internet carelessly.
Remember to send your essay within the deadline.


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