The Arts



Valuing and discussing the diversity of cultural expressions and the value of local artists.

Discriminate between the main idea/s and irrelevant information to summarize the central meaning of the message.


Find information on these people to complete the chart

  • Hernan Rivera Letelier

  • Inti Casttro

  • Smiljan Radic

  • Lewis Carroll

  • Jane Austin

  • Anita Tijoux


Hernan Rivera Letelier

Date of birth  Place of birth Nationality Profession Written Works Awards

Inti Castro

Date of birth Place of birthNationalityProfession Master piecesPlaces where he displays his works

Smiljan Radic 

Date of birth Place of birth NationalityProfessionWorksOne of his Works related to Bio Bio Region 

Lewis Carroll 

Date of birth  Place of birthNationalityProfessionWritten WorksMaster PiecesOfficial   

Jane Austin

Date of birth Place of birthNationalityProfession Written WorksMaster pieces


  • Create a power point or a word document to show the results of your findings.

  • Present the most important details of each of these artists to the audience.