Audience is my Target Webquest (Retro)


Target audience for the writer becomes one of the main focus points and considerations. If you write for everyone, you will end up writing for no-one in particular and your writing will fail to connect with your readers. You have to think about the fears, challenges and struggles that your audience faces. We learn how to adjust to our target audience at a very young age. When you wanted something, you went to the one person who you thought would say "yes" to your request. You crafted a plan of asking the right person so that you would meet your goal. In writing we use the very same method, only we use it to deliver focused writing. Knowing who you are writing for and what they are looking for in the story, makes it easier for the writer to please those readers. Choosing the audience you want to appeal to also simplifies your writing, because you lose the stress of having to appeal to everyone at the same time. Keeping your intended readers in mind helps you to: explain uncommon terms or language, include visual aids (example: pictures for younger readers) and your style of writing (example shorter, choppy sentences or long, drawn out (fact filled) sentences.) Remembering your audience doesn't limit your creative writing genius, rather it gives a little path for the writer, with an intended goal in mind. Who will be the reader at the end of your path in writing? Who mostly do you want to read your writing? Even if we never publish a book, these are things that we must consider in our ordinary, every day writing so that the person who picks it up can understand our words and use them to their greatest benefit. 


For Part I of this assignment, click on each commercial and answer the questions that follow:

If this link doesn't open you can copy and paste the link into a new browser window. You can also Google "Walmart Whitesnake TV commercial."

1. What is the mood of the commercial at the beginning?

a. mellow (relaxed)

b. reflective (deep thought)

c. melancholy (sadness)

d. indifferent (no feeling one way or the other)

2. What is the message that the commercial gives about starting school? 

a. "Here I go again on my own"

b. "Own the First Day"

c. "Going down the only road I've ever known"

d. "Leaving for school with confidence"

3. Why would this ad appeal (audience) to the parents of these kids?

a. because the song is a rock and roll classic of the 80s

b. because of the familiar scene

c. because of the mature confidence of the children

d. because of the transformation of the children during the video

4. What is this commercial selling?

a. tennis shoes

b. school supplies

c. music from Whitesnake rock and roll group

d. clothes for back to school

5. How do the advertisers use the flute playing at the beginning of this commercial?

a. It presents an opposite effect to the mood at the beginning of the video.

b. It adds to the feeling of suspense of the commercial. 

c. It confirms the truth that young children have moments of sadness too.

d. It adds music to the feeling that the children are having

Part II: Video Link #2


You can also find this video under "Old Navy Advert2-Kelly, Dylan and Brandon" or copy and paste the link to your webpage browser.

1. What is the message about "favorites" in this video?

a. that you don't have to choose one favorite

b. that everyone has their own favorite

c. that choosing a favorite is boring

d. that choosing a favorite can be difficult


2. The three kinds of jeans that Jenny puts on the school blackboard are Diva, Flirt and Sweetheart. What are the importance of these words on the advertisement?


a. they show that jeans may change depending on your feeling that day

b. they show different cuts of the best selling jeans at Old Navy

c. they show the many personalities of those women who may buy jeans

d. they show the positive feelings associated with a confident woman


3. What is the impact of changing the number of women behind Kelly during the commercial?

a. It adds beauty because all of the women with Kelly are beautiful and smartly dressed

b. It adds diversity because the women with Kelly are different nationalities

c. It adds suspense because more people are trying to anticipate her decision.

d. It adds to the message because it seems like all the ladies agree with Kelly


4. How do the men characters in advertisement undergo a change?

a. at first they are rivals, then they are friends

b. at first they compete, but then they are confused

c. at first they feel confidence, but then they feel rejection

d. at first they are opposites, but later they seem more alike


5. Who is the target audience for this video?

a. teachers

b. jean buyers

c. motorcycle riders

d. people on the dating scene


Part III- Here is the third video link:

If this link doesn't open, you can type "Target 2015 Back to School Commercial" or copy paste the link into your browser window. You will know you are on the right page when it comes to I-Spot TV and the song "ABC" starts playing.

1. How does the use of animation work to reach the target audience?

a. It makes the commercial seem more like a cartoon

b. It makes going back to school seem more like a video game

c. It transforms the scene by making it seem as if the kids are stepping out of one place into another

d. It adds humor to the commercial because we see kids laughing, playing and having a good time

2.  This video's target audience is __________________.

a. Ninja Turtle fans

b. Superhero fans

c. kids going back to school

d. parents of kids going back to school

3. What message does the video send about kids with disabilities?

a. that they deserve to get just as excited as other kids about going back to school

b. that these kids don't deserve to be hidden, but rather celebrated and accepted

c. that kids accept each other better than adults, most of the time

d. that every kid is alike, not matter what their situation or circumstance

4. How does the music of the video help to send its message?

a. it appeals to parents because Michael Jackson released this when many of them were young

b. it sets the tone for the video by making it seem more upbeat and fun

c. it makes going back to school seems as easy as "abc" and "1,2,3."

d. it makes choosing back to school items easy because Target has what you need.

5. Why would the advertisers have the first girl put on headphones, when that is not a usual back to school item?

a. because headphones cost more, so the company makes more money

b. because every kid will need their own set of headphones to learn on technology devices

c. because the headphones are connected to her phone, which every kid in the video needs

d. because headphones make the girl seem more focused, since they cancel out distracting noise


Part IV: Here is the final video for this assignment:

If this link doesn't open, please type in your Google Search engine "Staples Back to School Sanity Saver" or you can copy paste the link back into a new browser window.

1. What is the impact of having a smart phone at the top of the screen in this advertisement?

a. It is making the commercial seem more up to date

b. It is promoting online shopping for Staples

c. It seems more realistic, since more people are shopping at home now than ever

d. It makes shopping seem easier and more convenient

2. Who is the target audience for this advertisement?

a. kids who lose stuff

b. kids who love to ride bikes

c. parents who are happy their kids are going back to school

d. parents who are stressed and aggravated with their kids

3. What is the main message of this advertisement?

a. Don't get frustrated because Staples can help your stress

b. Buying online is cheap and less time consuming

c. Buy online and it's ready in one hour

d. Since you are frustrated, let others shop for you

4. What does the desperate mom seem to not have enough of in this advertisement?

a. patience

b. money

c. school supplies

d. time

5. The man remembers seeing the woman earlier in his store. What message is the Staples company sending by including this detail?

a. that our employees pay attention to our customers

b. that our customers return to buy again and again

c. that our shopping experience is a stress reliever

d. that everyone is family and not a customer at our store


Part V: For the last part of this webquest, please copy and paste your favorite commercial and explain why you like it. Please include who the target audience is as one of the sentences to demonstrate mastery of this standard.

(Five sentences are required to receive full credit) To insert the link for the video, please find the commercial online, go to the top of the browser window for the commercial, wait until the link turns blue, right click and click copy and come back to the webquest page and click Control V or paste it into the document. Hopefully this lesson will allow you to think about commercials differently and to inform you that advertisements and writing both share one feature and that is that they work to appeal to their target audience from start to finish. Enjoy!



I am going to include a Google document for your answer sheet, just like I did for the Great Molasses Flood webquest. Please include your answers on the Google Document and turn in upon completion.


This assignment will grade your ability to use online media sources for mastery of this standard. Your well written paragraph will also demonstrate your mastery of conventions of writing and your ability to creatively express your opinions and views. 


This is my favorite video because it lets everyone know that we are all blessed in a nation as great as ours.