Automotive Tools


The identification the Names and Uses OF Tools Games: 

The game involves creating flashcards with pictures of various tools and the student  identify the tool and explain its uses.


At the end of studying the lesson, you are expected to:

  • Familiarize with the different automotive tools

  • Differentiate the difference between hand tools, pneumatic tools and hydraulic tools.

  • Learn the proper usage of tools.


       Brief Introduction of the Lesson
Nowadays, there are so many types of automotive tools, and some of them are the same in terms of usage but are different when it comes to its advantages and qualities. As a future mechanic, you need to become familiar and knowledgeable with the classification and uses of automotive tools. This module will help you to know the correct terminology, classifications, and correct uses of tools



Like a professional mechanic, you should buy top quality tools backed by a lifetime free replacement guarantee. You do not have to spend a fortune on your tool collection. Your total investment could easily be under P7500, perhaps less if you already own some of the following items.

Basic hand tools include a set of combination wrenches, a ratchet wrench and set of sockets. It also includes adjustable wrench, a couple of regular and Phillips’s screwdrivers, several pairs of pliers and a few assorted special purpose tools such as an oil filter wrench, a funnel, a small floor jack, a pair of safety stands, a catch pan or bucket for oil and coolant changes, and a tire pressure gauge. You may certainly add more but these are the minimum requirements.

Wrench Guide: Types of Wrenches, Uses and Features | Lowe's
For simple maintenance jobs, you'll need a set of open end/box end wrenches (also called "combination" wrenches). Most late model cars and light trucks have metric fasteners. A set of wrenches ranging in size from 10mm through 19mm should handle all of the nuts and bolts you're likely to encounter.

Tools Kit and Socket Set, 46-Piece Socket Tool Kit Set,Ratchet Wrench,Tool  Set,Repair Tool Set,Socket Wrenches Set, Tool Kit with Toolbox Storage Case  (46-Piece) | Lazada PH
A 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch drive socket set and ratchet wrench is also nice addition for your tool collection. A ratchet wrench is much faster at removing most fasteners. Buy a wrench set that has six points rather than 12-point sockets. Six-point sockets are less apt to round off a rusted fastener than a 12-point socket. A couple of extensions and a swivel can increase the set's versatility tremendously.


Crescent Adjustable Wrench (Black Finish) | Goldpeak Tools PH
To loosen large flare nuts or to hold one end of a bolt while you tighten a nut, a set of flare nut wrenches and/or an adjustable wrench (often called a Crescent wrench, or a "monkey" wrench) can be helpful. Get one with a wide jaw opening that can handle nuts up to an inch in diameter.

Screwdrivers: Main Types&Sizes - ToolBoom
  For a variety of jobs, you will need at least two different sizes of regular (flat tipped) and Phillips (cross-tip) screwdrivers. The cheapest way to buy screwdrivers is usually in a set. A set will often include an assortment of long and short handles which gives you more versatility.

Pliers and Pliers Sets | TEKTON | Free Shipping
  A pair of regular pliers and a pair of long needle-nose pliers are a must for any tool box. A pair of interlocking pliers (often called water pump pliers or Channel Lock pliers) are very useful to own.

Vice Grips
Teng TTEVG11 11 Piece Power Grip Pliers Set In Foam Module | PrimeTools
Are a must addition to every tool box. These are adjustable locking pliers that can grip almost anything. However, if this tool is misused, you may damage fasteners. Always use wrenches or sockets to remove nuts and bolts. If a fastener has a rounded-off head, then use Vice Grips to twist it loose. Buy the brand name Vice Grips, not the copycat knock-off products.


Oil and Filter Change Helpers
For changing oil, one item you can't do without is an oil filter wrench. Make sure the wrench is the correct size to fit the oil filter on your car(s). You may have to buy several different filter wrenches if you own several cars that have different sized oil filters.



Torque Wrenches
Professional Click Torque Wrench, 1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4",1" Drive |
Essential for every mechanic is a selection of good quality torque-wrenches that range in sizes. Equally, they should be provided with a certificate of calibration included when new. Ideally, you want a 1/4″ size for smaller bolts that are around 0-30nm or so and a 1/2″ for higher torque requirements (such as wheel bolts). A 1/4″ torque wrench shouldn’t be passed upon just because they’re used on smaller nuts and bolts, some are just as important if not more than larger ones. Becoming a better mechanic is all about becoming better at processes, and becoming better at processes means torquing up to factory specifications.

Cable Ties/Zip Ties/Ty-Rap/Panduit Strap

Zip Ties Heavy Duty 10 Inch, Black Nylon Cable Ties 150 Piece / Wire Ties  by Heavy Duty Ties : Home Improvement

Ah the famous zip tie, possibly the best invention ever created. They’re self-explanatory and no DIY person can live without them

 Tap and Dye Set
RS PRO 54 Piece HSS Tap & Die Set | RS
These allow you to repair, clean or create new threads for nuts and bolts. If you have badly corroded threads, you can use a thread gauge on the bolt to find out which tap or dye to use. If you’re creating a completely new thread hole for bolts, look up a drill-tap size chart to find out which is the best-sized drill to use for that particular Tap.

Slide Hammer Bearing Puller/Remover
EWK 9-Way Axle Puller Slide Hammer Bearing Remover Set for Front Wheel Hub,  Rear Axle Shaft, Bushing, Pulley & Bearing
  A slide hammer is a tool that attaches to an object (such as a bearing) needing to be pulled out or off a shaft and transmits an impact force to the object without striking the object itself. Slide hammers typically consist of a long metal shaft with an attachment point threaded at one end, a heavyweight that can slide along the shaft, and a stop for the weight to impact on the end opposite the attachment point. The inertia of the weight is thus transferred to the shaft, pulling the attached end in the direction the weight had been moving.

Heat Gun or Blow Torch
Iroda Butane Torch Kit — Tool Truck Rebrands
The uses for these are essentially endless, use either of them is actually for breaking thread lock such as Loctite, before attempting to remove any bolts that look corroded and may be prone to strip the head or snap. Heating the casing around the bolt first also aids in the process, as well as using WD40 beforehand!

Brake Cleaner & WD40
WD-40 Specialist® Brake & Parts Cleaner - WD-40 Specialist® | WD-40 Asia
Brake cleaner is simply not just for cleaning brakes and discs, we call it the magical spray as it removals all kinds of gunk. Remember to use gloves when using brake cleaner as it contains chemicals such as Tetrachloroethylene, Acetone, Carbon Dioxide and Heptane. It’s one of the most used consumables in any workshop and that’s because it will remove any form of dirt and grease in a matter of seconds. Be wary however that even a big can of brake cleaner empties rather quickly, so try to use it sparingly. Everybody of all ages will have heard of WD40 by now, it’s named after (Water Displacer 40th Attempt). It stops squeaks, frees bolts and also cleans parts. We also love GT85 as it contains PTFE which protects the application from the elements for quite some time.

Mechanics Gloves (Nitrile and Non-Disposable)
gloves nitrile black - OFF-55% > Shipping free
Seriously, who would want dangerous chemicals soaking into their skin and entering their body? Nitrile is the way forward when it comes to gloves as they’re resistant to all kinds of harsh chemicals, latex is simply a no-go. When the weathers cold, we usually end up wearing a pair of nitrile gloves underneath normal nylon/polyester mix mechanic gloves. It also protects you from fluids such as brake cleaner that is bound to drip onto your hands.

  A Bag of Rags Cotton Rags

If you’ve ever worked on cars and motorbikes, you’ll know how much they’re needed. Of course, old t-shirts will also do the trick, but having dedicated rags that you can wash all together is very handy.

          Parts Washer

SCA Parts Washer 60 Litre | Supercheap Auto

Restoring the condition of parts has never been so satisfying (and less messy) with one of these! They also usually feature a flexible fused lid stand, so in the event of a fire the lid will snap shut and hopefully distinguish it. We also recommend fitting a heating element to aid in cleaning.

     Automatic Wire Strippe
495001 - Ck Tools - Wire Stripper, Automatic, 0.2-6mm Capacity

A must have if you need to do any form of electrical/soldering work, these self-adjust to any cable size and strip the outer sheath off with ease.

    Hook & Pick Set
6 Piece Industrial Hook and Pick Set - Bristol Wrench Co.

Most modern vehicles are fitted with electrical connectors that feature a plastic locking tab. By using other tools such as screwdrivers and long nose pliers you can usually end up breaking them, but not with a hook and pick set.

   Hose Clamp Pliers
Radiator Hose Clamp Pliers Tool - Clamp Tight Wire Tool with 24 Inches  Cable - Hose Clamp Removal Tool and Ring Clamp Pliers - Hose Pinch Pliers  Type or Flat-band Tools -

Don’t waste your time with pliers or even mole grips. Of course, the latter is an alternative option that can work for smaller clamps; however, this tool revolutionizes the removal of large sprung-type clamps usually found on radiator and intake hoses. They feature a ratchet mechanism ensuring the handle can’t open again while squeezing them together to open the clamp up.

The Mini-Grease Gun

Mini Grease Gun w/Grease : Car & Motorbike

Perfect for bearings and perfect for almost any greasing process! No more mess and no need for sticking a screwdriver into a pot of grease again.


                                                                        AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS

If your Check Engine light is on, you will need a code reader or scan tool to diagnose the problem. The tool plugs into a diagnostic connector that is usually located under the dash near the steering column. The tool displays any fault codes that are causing the Check Engine light to come on. The tool won’t fix your problem, but it will give you an idea of what might be wrong. Further diagnosis is usually necessary to figure out which part needs to be replaced.

FOXWELL NT301 Professional Enhanced OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code  Reader Tool for Check Engine Light | Lazada PH

Foxwell has been producing OBDII code readers for over nine years and one of their flagships is the NT301 Professional Code Reader. The Foxwell NT301 Professional Code Reader was designed to help you understand your car’s heart by quickly reading DTC engine codes and giving definitions for the error codes so you can accurately determine the cause of the problem. It also has the capability to erase and reset the codes after you are done with repairs.

To improve the performance and compatibility of code readers, our code readers and our DTM have tested thousands of OBD compatible cars, light-duty trucks and hybrids in the US, Europe, and Australia.



  •   It can print out diagnostic data so you can use it as a reference for your mechanic

  •   The tool provides automatic retrieval and decoding of VIN

  •   It can store PIDs to make it easy to diagnose different vehicular problems

  •   Features LED notifications to keep you abreast of what’s happening with your car

  •   It’s useful for home and professional wrench turning



  •    You have to connect to your computer or vehicle for it to turn on

  •   There is no power button on the tool

  The software isn’t intuitive to use so beginners may have few hiccups getting used to it

Innova Color Screen with Bluetooth 3160g Code Reader/Scan Tool Innova 3160g Pro OBD2 Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live data,  ABS, SRS, Battery Reset, Service Light Reset, and Bluetooth : Automotive


This Innova automotive diagnostic tool is designed to handle every level of troubleshooting. The scanner comes with the new features that help you diagnose your car’s light, minivan, and trucks. This diagnostic tool has the ability to read and erase power train codes on all 1996 and newer OBD II vehicles and the ABS codes on the most popular domestic Asian and European vehicles.

It’s been upgraded with the ability to stream and record live data and graph up to 2 parameters using its bigger 3.5-inch LCD as well as read and erase airbag codes from most Asian and European vehicles. Look no further than the Innova 3160g Code Reader if you are looking for an easy-to-use scan tool out of the box.

This scanner tool can read and reset oil light on most OBD 2 vehicles and can store the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and Live Data from 3 previous vehicles you’ve scanned in the past.

It can also reset battery maintenance light and initialization and you can stream and record real-time live data and review them later on your computer or on the screen of the tool itself. Not only does it have enough parameters for live data diagnostic, but it also allows you to record live data as well.


  •      The keypad is easy to use

  •      It features a graph display (live data) of sensors fluctuating values

    It’s an excellent scan tool if you like to work on your own car


  •      This tool doesn’t have any way to save live data so you can compare it to future live data captures or keep it in a report for that specific vehicle

  •      It might not work with a few select vehicles such as Mitsubishi and Mercedes

     This tool sometimes spits the wrong description code, which might be confusing and time wasting

LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Automotive Diagnostic Tool
2022 Launch X431 Pro Mini Bidirectional Scan Tool with 2 Years Free Update,  OE-Level Full System Automotive Diagnostic Scanner,35+ Services,ECU  Coding,FCA Autoauth, VAG Guided | Lazada PH

This is one of Launch Tech’s newest collections of diagnostic tools. The X431 Pro Mini comes with a protective sleeve, a BDScar diagnostic connector, PRO pad computer, and OBD2 connectors. It can communicate with your car using the DBScar connector (for reading your car’s DTC) and your phone with the Bluetooth capability.

With its mobile internet connection feature, the tool can easily integrate with more services and applications and create and maintain a database and case library. It also provides instant maintenance information, which can be useful any time you need to scan your car.


  • It can double as a tablet so you can connect it to the internet, take photos on it, etc.

  • It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection for easy test carry out

  • The package contains a protective case and labeled cutouts for all adapters


  • It is pricey

  •  It may sometimes prove difficult to register, which can hinder updates

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool
BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android | Lazada PH

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful, yet affordable professional OBD II scan tool that lets you scan and understand your vehicle.

This is one of the few tools professional uses to save time and money as it not only helps scan vehicles but also provide the trouble codes as well as the list of all possible causes and reported fixes from the identification S-ASE certified mechanics.


  • Since it’s portable, you can carry it around easily

  • It’s accurate and suitable for a basic scan of all vehicles

  • It can easily sense dash and tranny codes

  • It alerts you to any error code that’s currently active.

  • It is easy to navigate and suitable for the average DIY mechanic


  • Live data monitoring is limited as you can’t get gear position, transmission temp, torque converter status, etc.

  • It’s known not to work with Ford Diesel 6.0 or 7.3 and some other OBDII compliant vehicles

  • The data refresh rate in the live data mode is 5 secs, which is too long

    ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool
    ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code  Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black | Lazada PH
    The Ancel AD310 OBD II Scanner is a simple, easy to use car engine fault code reader from Ancel. It’s available in a classic design, which makes it easy to use. Although it is a basic code reader, it can help you determine the cause of “Check Engine” light, monitor readiness test, view freeze frame data and a lot more


  • Inexpensive

  • It’s a standalone reader that doesn’t need you to install an app on your phone

  • The value-to-price ratio is high, compared to other models in this category


  • Does not work on some vehicles like the 2005 Toyota Prius, 2008 BMW, and the 2004 Ford Escape X

    Actron CP9690 Chrome Scan Tools

  • Buy Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD I and OBD II Scan Tool  for all 1996 and newer and select 1984-95 vehicles, CHROME Online at Lowest  Price in Ubuy Philippines. B011ICD2WQ

    The Actron CP9690 Scan tool comes with all the necessary connectors and adapters you’ll need to carry out efficient fixes on your vehicle. Not only is it compatible with OBD2 vehicles but also OBD1 vehicles. It has a bigger LCD screen, which makes viewing graphs and reports on it easy.

    Compared to the Autel and Innova models, it lacks certain features, but its ability to diagnose OBD1 cars makes it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced mechanics.


  • This tool features a wider screen

  • It comes with OBD I cables for more vehicle compatibility

  • It can complete both oil light and battery reset

  • Featuring Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone


  • Performance is hit or miss on older vehicle models

  • It’s quite expensive

    Autel AutoLink AL519 Diagnostic Tool Scanner
    Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner Enhanced Mode 6 Check Engine Code Reader,  Universal Car Diagnostic Tool with One-Click Smog Check, DTC Breaker,  Upgraded Ver. of AL319 | Lazada PH
    Autel, one of the world leaders in automotive diagnostics presents the Autel AutoLink AL519 Diagnostic Tool that combines the next generation wireless technology with radically superior processing capabilities. It is powered by a state-of-the-art quad-core processor in a solid-state hard drive, reducing the startup time to only a few seconds, making it faster than other tools available on the market.

  • It is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 featuring enhanced data rate, thus greatly increasing your diagnostic range and enabling you to test vehicles from anywhere in the shop.

  • It features ultra-fast wireless connectivity, which allows you to quickly download wiring diagrams and schematics which can easily be viewed in high details with a capacitive touchscreen.

  • It features OneTouch instant manufacturer updates, which eliminates wasted time manually entering the vehicle’s information. This feature does that for you as well as detects trouble codes on every available module, thus simplifying the entire diagnostic process.

  • It also comes with an intuitive interface, smooth operating system, and 5px rear-facing camera, which makes it extremely easy to use right out of the box.

  • It’s also cloud-based so that you can network with other professional technicians which help you get access to repair information much faster as you’re working on the actual vehicle. No more trips back and forth, to download and print repair information.


  • It can store, read, and playback live sensor data

  • It can monitor I/M readiness status and live test data

  • Features a built-in speaker for audible tones

  • Comes with colorful LEDs for a visual representation of data


  • Lacks update and adequate support from the manufacturer

  • The data output is poor


                                                             AUTOMOTIVE PNEUMATIC TOOLS
    Air Compressor

    Vespa Air Compressor 1/4 Horse Power Belt Driven – vertexpowertools
          In order to utilize air tools, you have to invest in an air compressor – one tool that serves a wide variety of purposes. In general, it supplies power to a number of tools used for automotive works such as sanders, grinders, paint sprayers, ratchets, nail guns and a lot more. The versatility of an air compressor along with its cost-effectiveness makes it an essential whether you are a DIY mechanic or an auto shop owner.

    Air Drill

    How to Use Air Tools and an Air Compressor in Your Workshop - Dengarden

    Air drills have a few distinct advantages and one of it is the fact that it can bore holes without overheating. Therefore, it’s suitable even for heavy duty drilling jobs.

    Air Hammer

    150mm Industrial Powerful Handle Straight Type Air Chisel Pneumatic Hammer  Shovel Tool | Lazada PH

    An air hammer comes with many useful ends. If you need to free up any stubborn parts, a hammer does just that. Spray a rusted fastener with penetrating oil and slap it with a hammer and watch it tear apart

    Air Die Grinder

    AIR DIE GRINDER Archives - STC sk-s tools corp.
    An air die grinder comes in handy whenever you need to get a honing, sanding or polishing job done. Pair it with different heads and attachments and you transform it into a versatile tool.

    Air Cut-Off Tool
    Air Cut Off Tool | Toolstation
    This is practically important for any metalwork. When buying an air cutting tool, you should also consider pairing it with a set of different disc-shaped heads that cut through various materials.

    Air Stapler
    INDUSTRIAL AIR STAPLER – Tolsen Tools Philippines
    Instead of nails, an air stapler shoots staples – saving your hands from the tough job. If your job regularly requires a lot of stapling, then you should invest in one of these.

    Air Sander
    Air Sander, Eccentric Rotation Pneumatic Polisher 0.6-0.8Mpa Working  Pressure 5in 10000RPM For Sanding EU Plug | Walmart Canada
    An air sander beats an electric-operated version in many ways: it’s conveniently smaller and safer in flammable and combustible environment and is even equipped for heavy duty sanding work.

    Air Impact Wrench
    Best Air Impact Wrench for 2022 - CNET

    An air impact wrench is intended for delivering high torque output with only minimal exertion. One of the most compact tools available, it is more suitable when you’re working in confined spaces.

    Air Ratchet Wrench
    DRS 68 Set 1/2" (604119500) Air ratchet wrench | Metabo Power Tools
    A manual ratchet does the job; however, an air ratchet wrench dramatically does everything faster and more efficient. Plus, it also allows you to fit into tighter spots where an air impact wrench can’t.


                                                                          HYDRAULIC AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS

     Scissor Jacks (mechanical)
    Ford FMCF0004 Mechanical Scissor Jack (1.5) : Car & Motorbike

    This is an old-fashioned scissor jack, which is the cheapest and smallest option available. It comes with a handle to wind the arms apart, which then lifts the car up.

    Position it under the jacking point and wind it clockwise until the car is lifted off the ground. To lower it back down, it is simply a case of winding the handle the other way.

    Trolley Jacks

    Floor Jacks vs. Trolley Jacks… What is the Difference? | ESCO

    The trolley jack is a safer, more stable and quicker option and is the choice of many professional mechanics. The wheels mean you can roll it into position easily, but before you do, start by making sure this little lever is turned to the right, which you can do using the end of the handle.

    Bottle Jacks
    BOTTLE JACKS 20 TONNE – Phoenix Hire and Sales Ltd
    The bottle jack works in much the same way as a trolley jack, using hydraulic force to lift the car up. It has the bonus of being smaller and easier to store than a trolley, but this means it isn’t quite as stable.

                                                                        Types of Car Lifts and Their Use

    When in the garage, be it at home or the workplace, you appreciate the presence of tools and equipment to help you in your duties. One of the equipment you can invest in for a worthy auto working environment is the car lift. The car lift specializes in the vertical rise of the car from the ground. There are several types of car lifts, and they come in handy when you want to make repairs or make some inspections under your vehicle.

    Four Post Lift
    HDSO14P Four-Post Lift - Open-Front Four-Post Lifts - BendPak
    The four-post lift is easily the most popular and versatile car lifts that you can come across. It is suitable for both light and heavy automobiles owing to its sturdy structure. However, they come with weight limits that may restrict some heavier automobiles for safety purposes.

    Two Post Lifts
    D2-8F Floorplate Two-Post Car Lift - Dannmar Store

    The two post automotive lifts are other car elevators you can come across in the market. They feature more prominently in the autosport scene though you can have it in your garage. One benefit of this type of lift is the vast area of exposure presented when lifted. As such, it allows for proper auto tuning when working from under.

    Scissor Lifts

    Scissor Lifts | Product Categories | PKS Lifts

    Scissors lifts are suitable options if you have a small space in your auto garage. It consists of two platforms superimposed over each other. Between them is a series of retractable levers that can extend in a zigzag manner to affect the lift. The action of the zigzagging bars lends it its name, the scissor lift

    Portable Lift
    ASEplatinum MSC-6K Portable Single Post Car Lift | Portable car lift, Car  lifts, Lifted cars

    The portable car lift is one of the best designs in the market. It is a suitable option if you are a remote worker, going to several workstations to perform your automobile tuning duties. It has a simplistic design consisting of a lifting panel and supporting extensions.

    Alignment Lifts
    Lifts and Racks – Scissor Lifts – Hunter Engineering | Alignment Machine,  Wheel Balancer, Tire Changer & Brake Lathe Systems

    Wheel alignment is an essential procedure in your car maintenance. It ensures that all the wheels have the right angles to prevent cases of slanting when the vehicle is on the road. The alignment lifts are the proper automobile elevators to bank on when you want to perform this wheel maintenance practice.

    The alignment lift is quite sophisticated and takes a design almost similar to the four-post lift. It features a ramp for the entry of the automobile onto the lifting

    Mobile Column Lifts
    Mobile Column Lifts | ARI-HETRA

    When talking of efficiency when it comes to automotive lifts, then the mobile column lifts take the lead. This type of lift comprises four or six independent columns, each with adjustable wheel forks to fit different wheel sizes.

    The columns have arms or rather points of attachment meant to fit into the wheels before initiating the lift. It is advisable to go for uniform columns to curb issues such as tripping.

    Parking Lift
    Parking Lifts - Car Storage Lifts - Parking Elevators - BendPak

    Parking lifts are another versatile car elevating equipment that you can have in your garage or workshop. The parking lifts maximize space by utilizing a vertical parking pattern atop a platform. This formation is space-savvy as compared to the traditional horizontal allocation that can only accommodate several cars.

    The parking lifts take on various configurations, with some accommodating two vehicles. Others go the big way and can take up to ten cars or more stacked above each other. For example, if it is the two-car parking lift, the first car goes into the raising platform and gets elevated. The second car will now take the space left at the base. The same process replicates itself for multiple vehicles where it is a park and raises technique.







Application (Performance Task)

Instruction :Test 1
Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is incorrect. It is necessary to use the appropriate scanners tool to detect the vehicle troubles.

  1.   When we lift a vehicle, we should use the hydraulic ratchet.

  2. Air compressor is an example of a hydraulic tool.


      3. Parking lift is an example of hand tools.

      4.The impact wrench is the similar with the air ratchet wrench.

      5. Monkey wrench is an example of a pneumatic tool.

Test 2:

Instruction: Identify what is being asked in the following sentences.


1. It ensures that all the wheels have the right angles to prevent cases of slanting when the vehicle is on the road

2. This is a versatile car-elevating equipment that you can have in your garage or workshop.

3. This type of lift comprises four or six independent columns, each with adjustable wheel forks to fit different wheel sizes.

4. This can remove a wheel three times faster than a traditional lug wrench.

5. This has a few distinct advantages and one of it is the fact that it can bore holes without overheating.

6. This is easily the most popular and versatile car lifts that you can come across.

7. This is a basic code reader which can help you determine the cause of “check engine” light, monitor readiness test, view freeze frame data and a lot more.

8. It is perfect for bearings and for almost any greasing process.

9. It is used in any form of electrical/soldering work as it self-adjusts to any cable size and strip the outer sheath off with ease.

10. These are simply a must-have for cleaning parts or areas that are hard to get to.

 Test 3:
Instruction: In at least five sentences, write your opinion on the given question below. Write your answer on your CSTC green booklet. (20 points)


As a future auto mechanic, what are the advantages of having complete tools and equipment? 

You will be scored using the criteria below:


Content: 10 points

Organization of ideas: 5 points

Brevity: 25points




Automotive tools are essential for anyone who works on cars, whether it's a professional mechanic.These tools can range from simple wrenches and screwdrivers to specialized diagnostic equipment and power tools.

Having the right automotive tools can make a significant difference in the efficiency and quality of the work being done. With the proper tools, tasks can be completed more quickly, accurately, and safely. This can save time and money, as well as ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

It's important to invest in quality automotive tools that are appropriate for the job at hand. Cheaper tools may be tempting, but they may not last as long or work as well as higher-quality options. Additionally, it's essential to use tools properly and follow all safety guidelines to prevent injury or damage to the vehicle.

Automotive tools are a vital part of any car maintenance or repair project, and investing in quality tools and using them correctly can help ensure success and safety.


 Credits to  Sir. Glenn Sario
                     Automotive Teacher

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