Baptism of Jesus


Learning intention:

To understand the importance of Baptism

Success Criteria:

1.To know the events of the Baptism of Jesus

2.Read and summarise the scripture passages



Task 1: Group Work

Write a summary of the story in your book:

Baptism - Mark 1: 9-11, Matthew 3; 13-17, Luke 3: 21-22 (Baptism of Jesus)

Matthew 28: 18-20 (Command by Jesus for the disciples to baptise)

Acts 8: 26-39; 16:16-34; 19:1-7 (Baptism in the early church)

Romans 6: 3-11 (Paul’s teaching on baptism)

Task 2: Storyboard

Students draw images and write the story of Jesus’ Baptism.


John wandered the desert in a camel skin eating locusts

He preached to the people by the River Jordam about God

John baptised people in the river to wash away their sins

Jesus asked John to baptise him too.

When Jesus was baptised, there was a loud clap of thunder and the heavens parted. A dove came down and a voice said, " This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.



Share your storyboard with the class.


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