Basic Food Groups


   Every living individual  need food to survive. It is one of the basic necessities of every one. With the right amount and kind of foods that we eatwe can be stronger and healthier like never before. But considering the fact that food is life, the unfortunate reality is that many people somewhere out there are experiencing malnutrition and sicknesses because of famine and limited amount of food they eat due to the continuos growing number of population.

   How can you address thos phenomenon? This web quest will help you to be able to have an idea on how to help them fight against malnutrition and hunger



   With regard to the continuous and alarming growth of the number of children who are suffering from the malnutrition nowadays the LGU of the Province of Agusan del Sur is asking for your helpto suggest any ideas or plans on how to minimize the outgrowing number of malnutrition in the said place as well as in the whole country.

* Interview some of the Department officials on what are the necessary steps that they do to possibly solve or minimize the number of people suffering it.

*Make a narrative report from the conclusion of the interview

* Designed or make an ads that would persuade everyone to fight against malnutrition

*Take photographs emphasizing the effect of malnutrition to the children or to the people suffering it


   Each of you will be assigned to a group of 5 members. Each group has a specific role to play, to make your task easier and come up with good and excellent ideas 

One (1) Nurse/ Doctor

  - Interview one nurse or doctor on what are the proper foods to eat to avoid malnutrition.

Two (2) Writers

   - One person will write a narrative report

   - Another person will look for informations that feature about the activities or program made by the province in fighting or preventing the increase of number of malnutrition in the place.







*Movie Duration

*Types of Shots


* Audio



  Malnutrition refers to the defecencies, excesses or imbalance in a persons intake of energy or nutrients.

  Every country in the world is affected by malnutrition. Fighting against malnutrition in all its forms is one of the greatest global health challenges. Malnutrition doesnt only hit children because women, infants children and adolescents are at particular risk also.

   This is tbe reason why we need to work and help together to spread awareness to make them realize that malnutrition is a serious case here in our country.