Basic Vehicle Maintenance


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Follow Up Question:  In your own your define the word Maintenance


At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1. Understand the reason for applying preventive maintenance

2. Be knowledgeable enough on the basic car maintenance and perform basic checking         

3. Discuss the essential operating system within a car


Let's First Define:

Vehicle maintenance - refers to a practice where an automobile is serviced on a regular basis to prevent a major breakdown or the need for major repair.

Examples: of the type of auto services that may be sought for maintenance purposes include changing the oil, changing the spark plugs, and rotating the tires.

It is believed that an automobile will last longer and operate better if a person adheres to the vehicle maintenance schedule. This is generally a document or booklet that comes with the car that prescribes when certain services should be sought. In some cases, if a person does not adhere to this schedule, she risks voiding her warranty.


Some people, for whatever reason, may not have a vehicle maintenance schedule. This does not mean it is a lost cause. An auto mechanic can generally prescribe a maintenance schedule that will help a person keep her car functioning properly. 

Here's some basic vehicle maintenance that you should always do.


                        TIPS OF THE DAY 

Power tips before a journey

•Petrol (Fuel)
• Oil 
• Water
• Electrical
• Rubber


Fuel Saving

• Avoid Fast Starts - Don't be a hot-head! Aggressive acceleration can reduce your fuel mileage by up to a whopping 33%!

• Know your oil - Improve your fuel mileage by up to 2% with the proper grade of motor oil 

• Watch the weight - excess weight in your vehicle can reduce fuel mileage by 1-2 so watch what you keep in your trunk.

• Keep it Tuned - keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance can allow you to increase your fuel mileage by an average of 4.1%

• Keep it capped - did you know about 147 million gallons of petrol evaporate every year from vehicle without petrol caps?

Buying Fuel

• Only fill your tank during the coolest time of the day-late evening or early morning.

• Gas is more sense in cooler temperatures. And since fuel pumps measure by volume, rather than by density you"ll receive more gas for your RM.

• Don't overfill your tank. If using an automatic nozzle, stop at the first click 

• Avoid the fuels or additives that claim to increase liquids increase is your spending.

• If you don't mind the inconvenience, only fill your tank half-full. Less fuel means less weight.


• Proper maintenance helps your battery live to a ripe old age.

• Try: using a battery lithium grease or anti corrosion spary to help prevent corrosion, and a wire brush to remove present corrosion.

• Driving your car for an hour or two, at least every three weeks, to bring your battery to a full state of charge (the alternator will charge the battery while your motor is running.


Activity 1

Imagine you have a brand new car that your parents gift for your birthday on the other hand you have trouble on how it will take care.

Instructions: Create your own maintenance schedule for a whole year then give a reason why this is important to be done.

Follow this template below:



Quote of the day:

Take care of your Car in the Garage; It will take care of you on the ROAD.                         

Realization: give your insight about this quote and list at least two to three understanding that you obtain during this lesson.

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