Basics of Basketball


One the most popular sports in the world today, Basketball has become a sport that is played in almost every country. The goal of this quest today you understand the basic fundamentals of the game of Basketball.


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You will be required to be able to explain the basics of the game of basketball by being able to remember the names of different skills and moves that are required to be able to play. So for this assignment you will have to able to research the basics and will give basic knowledge of the sport going forward.

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1. First step review the handout that was given to you in class and memorize the steps.

2. Go online and find three skills that were not listed on the handout.

3. Once your research is done, share your new information with three classmates.

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0 1 2 Total  
Student does not attempt assignmnent.

Student provides and memorizes some of the skils for the assignment.

Student provides all three skills and memorize all skills from handout.    
Student does not attempt assignment. Student attempted to organize information in the right format. Student organized and completed the assignment in the right format.    



In the future when you are in PE class and you are asked to participate in a game of basketball, you will need to know the basics to be compete with your classmates. Having this background will have you ahead on any quizzes you may have and help you secure an A!

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By Keon Day

This was designed to help students have a basic understanding for the fundamentals of the game of basketball and be able to do the basics and participate in class.