Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a physical education instructor at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The game achieved almost immediate acceptance and popularity, and the first collegiate game, with five players on each team, was played in 1896 in Iowa City, Iowa, USA. It is a team sport that involves two teams of five active players each trying to score points against one another by throwing a ball through a 300 cm (10 feet) high hoop (the 'basket') under organised rules. It is played on both indoor and outdoor courts. Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent's goal, an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket.


Please write down your idea and experience about Basketball game ( At least 5 Paragraph). Kindly indicate the history of basketball.What is a good strategies during the basketball game and possible life changing career.


1. The student will go to the links provided and read and look at the information provided below.

2. The student will take notes on his/her Think Sheets as to what his/her want to include in his/her task

3. The student will then open a Microsoft Word document and begin to create his/her presentation, while leaving up this Webquest to double check their facts.

4.The student do the field experience and need to do the following methods of playing basketball.

FEATURES 4 - Expert 3 - Accomplished 2 - Capable 1 - Begginer
Quality of Writtings  - Piece was written in an extra ordinary style.                                     - very informative and well organized   - Piece was written  in an interesting style.                                  - Somewhat informative and organized                               - Piece had little style                                                - Give some new information but poorly organized  - Piece had no style                               - Gives no new information and very poorly  organized
Grammar usage and Mechanics Virtually no spelling, punctuation or gramatically error Few spelling, punctuation errors, minor  gramatically errors A number of spelling, punctuation or gramatically errors So Many  spelling, punctuation and  gramatically error that interfere with the meanings.

Basketball is a very fun sport. The history and growth of basketball is very interesting as long as all the different leagues just for basketball. The growth of basketball is interesting because it has had great adolescence . Whenever people first play basketball they are intrigued  by it. But when some people play basketball they have a good camaraderie . Many people think basketball will soon be the most played game around the world. 

With these, Some of the student will get into a Basketball sports and they will develop different techniques and build their confidence.