Be a Greek God or Goddess - 6th Grade


We have been learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses.  You are now familiar with different Gods and Goddesses, how they were related, their specific skills, and why each skill was important.  Now it's time to think from the point of view of your favorite God or Goddess.  Be creative.  Have fun.


You will be writing an autobiography from the point of view of your chosen God or Goddess.  Your autobiography should include a paragraph, written from your point of view, introducing yourself, your God/Goddess and why you chose this God/Goddess.  You will then write 3 multiparagraph chapters from the point of view of your God/Goddess.  Each chapter should represent a different activity or event that your God/Goddess experienced. 


1. Review your Gods and Goddesses graphic organizer to determine who you would like to select for this project.  You may also use the internet to find a different God/Goddess. 


2. Share your choice with the teacher.


3.  Research the skills and details of your chosen God or Goddess.


4.  Use the information to write an introduction letting the reader know who you are, which God/Goddess you have chosen and the reason for your choice.


5.  Research 3 activities or events that your God/Goddess experienced. Use a graphic organizer to plan and prewrite for each activity/event.


6.  Write one chapter for each activity/event that you found.  Make sure to use details of the event found online and add your own creative touches.


You have each been given a copy of the rubric.  Place check marks next to each section of the assignment as it is completed.  Before turning in your finished writing turn in your rubric showing that all tasks have been completed.  The teacher will look over your rubric and discuss your project with you.


You will read the reports of 3 of your classmates throughout the week.  For each story read you will use the template provided to write a review to your peer author.  Make sure to include one praise and one detail you found interesting.