Be a Writer


Hello, students! Today, you are going to learn about a story. Are you interested in becoming a writer and writing with your own creativity? This is a perfect opportunity for you to grab the chance! You can start being a writer from now by writing a recount text. A lot of people will enjoy your writing.


Each of you will start to write a recount text based on the topic you chose. Once you have finished writing the final draft of the recount text, you will publish the paragraph online at Storybird website. Google Docs will be used in the process.



  1. Learn about a recount text 

  1. Learn how to write a recount text 

  1. Preview an example of a recount paragraph at,wait%20awhile%20to%20get%20in

  1. Choose a topic for your narrative text from the following list 

  • The Most Memorable Moment

  • The Most Horrific Moment

  • My Holiday

  • My Birthday Party

  1. Write your draft of a recount text using Google Docs and share your Google Docs to your friends using the link. Make sure your link is opened to access, so that your friend can edit it.

  2. Correct your friend’s recount text through Google Docs by giving it feedback.

  3. Correct your recount text based on your friend’s feedback.

  4. Publish your recount text on Storybird with attractive pictures.

  5. Congratulations! You have just published your first recount text!



Poor (10 pts)

Good (7-8 pts) 

Excellent (3 pts)

Superior (5-6 pts)


Generic Structure

Lack of organization and no ideas

Only few paragraphs are coherently and cohesively presenting the idea 

Most paragraphs are cohesively and coherently presenting the idea

All paragraphs are coherent and cohesive. No lack of organization



The topic is unclear and the details are not related to the topic

The topic of the text is clear but not related to the topic

The topic is clear and most details are related to the topic

The topic is clear and the details are related to the topic



Very limited vocabulary so that the writer could not express his/her ideas

Limited vocabulary so that the writer could not elaborate his/her ideas

Large enough of vocabulary size to be used to convey his/her ideas

Rich vocabulary to be used to express his/her ideas freely



Many grammatical mistakes

Some grammatical mistakes

Grammar was not too accurate  

Grammar was mostly/all correct


Max Points




Now, you are a published writer! You must be proud of yourself. Was writing a recount text harder than you thought it would be? I bet it was. You know what it feels like to be a writer. You may continue writing and publishing. I hope someday in the future, I will see your works become the best seller ones and available in bookstores all over the world.