The Beauty of Flowers


The goal of this web Quest is to name the different parts of the flower and where each part is located on a flower!


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I hope at the end of this section, you will appreciate flowers more, know their parts, and what they do for the flower. 


The task of this project will consist of the students making a flower model and being able to correctly identify the parts we have talked about. The students will be making a model on their own. 

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Day 1: 

- We will watch a video that talks about the different flower parts

- During the video I will have a flower model and show the students what part they are talking about in the video, so they can have a better idea. 


Day 2

-  Each student will think about what they can use to make a model of a flower (I will bring in various items to help create the flower)

- They will also need to start creating it

Day 3:

- We will continue making the flower models

Day 4:

- Presenting Day!

- Each student will go in front of the class and talk about their model and what items they used. They will also have to tell what each part does for the flower. Lastly, they will name one fact about one of the parts. 

Day 5:

- There will be a quiz

- On the quiz, they will have to write down one part of the flower and say one fact they have learned about it


 This is how your work will be evaluated: 


1: Poor

2: Fair

3: Good

4: Excellent


The student was not creative in their work, did not take much time on thinking about what items to use.

The student put little creative thought into it, still did not take a lot of time putting it together.

The student showed creative thought, but did not take a lot of time putting it together.

The student did show creative work, and showed that they did put a lot of time into putting it together.


The student labeled most of the parts wrong.

The student could only label a few parts correctly.

The student labeled most of the parts correctly.

The student labeled all the parts correctly.


The student did not want to present their work to the class.

The student did present but could not label the parts or say a fact.

The student did present and named parts, but had trouble stating a fact.

The student did present, labeled all the parts correctly, and said one correct fact.



You have now learned different parts of a flower! Flowers are very important in our world and I believe that it is important that students (like yourself) can learn the different parts and be able to teach others. 

Now I hope when you see a flower, you can name the parts and what each part does for the flower! 


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Teacher Page

This Web Quest was designed for first grade science students! 

The students will be able to create their own flower, and label all the parts we talked about during class. I want this assignment to be creative, fun, and knowledgeable. I want students to be able to appreciate the world around them, and know more about what flowers do for our world!