Bengal Tiger Safari


You are a safari explorer who has a specialization in felines. You are looking to further research Bengal tigers. You must first devise a research plan that describes exactly what you want to find out about Bengal tigers. Explain each detail that you researched and discovered. To answer these research questions, you will have to learn some more about Bengal tigers.

  1. Go to to learn the basic facts about Bengal Tigers. Make note of where they live, what they look like and some other basic facts in your exploration notebook.
  2. Based on your findings of basic facts about the Bengal Tiger, devise a plan as to how you are going to observe these facts when you go on your exploration.
  3. Find out if the species is endangered or not. Go to to figure out how to prevent extinction.
  1. Do you think it will be easy to observe the Bengal tigers? Explain why or why not.
  2. If the Bengal tiger is endangered, what are some ways you can conserve the Bengal tiger and help prevent extinction.

Create a diorama of the habitat of a Bengal Tiger with the tiger in the habitat. Go to To see more pictures of a Bengal tiger in its habitat.