Benifite of using social media


In using social media , it has benefits and useless, so depend on  your using and if use correct it made for help in learning so much

and you can learning in use social media correct method.  


Describe and interpret from picture that the teacher was given.


1. Learning ''How to use social media '' from link below that the teacher created on Story jumper

link story jumper for study

2. For learning more details in level in using  

social media of nabon school in 2 month that the teacher created on Microsoft excel

link Microsoft

3.After using and learning information. The students that describe and interpret from picture that teacher created on POWERPOINT 

Link PowerPoint

and then the students have to describe and interpret from picture on powerpoint and after finished you have to take information that you describe and interpret and creat on powerpoint with picture and take information post on your blogger and sent e-mail to teacher


After finished study from detail that the teacher was given the student have to test for check knowledge and understand that you can got.

Link for test on quizizz


The student know to methods that use benefits social media and can use program powerpoint and can present own thought in interpret from picture.