Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Period


While we are confident that you spent your summer reading the top ten British novels and Googling fun British Lit facts in preparation for our class, we want to ensure that EVERYONE has an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basics before we delve into "the good stuff"!

This webquest is a FUN (yes, we mean fun;) way for you to gain some knowledge and demonstrate your academic prowess and acumen to your teachers. Click on each tab provided and you'll have everything you need to "get 'er done"!

NOTE: Anything in underlined bluish-purple is a hyperlink so if you didn't understand an underlined word written above or anywhere else in this webquest, just click on it for the definition! Gotta love technology... it's so helpful and eliminates excuses!!! :)


You will work independently to complete this assignment. You will need to use the links and videos provided on the next page to locate the answers for each question. Be sure to pay attention to the focus questions and write summaries for each video and website. These will assist you in correctly answering the questions as you take the test.


Use the websites and the videos on the next page to familiarize yourself with Anglo-Saxon culture and history. You are each responsible for answering the focus questions and completing a summary and/or notes sheet for each video.

You may look at as many items in each site as you would like but your goal is to locate the answers to ALL of the questions using the sites listed on the Evaluation tab to prepare your for your test. Once you feel you understand the information, you may complete the test in Schoology.


How will be I Assessed?

You will be graded based on your ability to accurately and completely answer each question. Some questions have more than one part so make sure that you address EVERYTHING that you are asked for each question. All of the information you need can be found in each of the links, you just have to take the time to LOOK. Scroll down to see the questions... they match the ones on your worksheet! ;)

Anglo-Saxons 449-660

Norton's Anthology of English Literature

Epic Literary Genre

Anglo-Saxon Literature

Anglo-Saxon Poetry and Literary Terms

The Anglo Saxon Hero

Warrior Code, Blood Money, and Other Terms from the Anglo Saxon Period

Runes and Old English

FOCUS QUESTIONS: Using Info From websites

  1. What is an Epic?
  2. What are the characteristics of an epic poem?
  3. How is Old English poetry marked?
  4. What is the greatest enduring epic poem of all literature?
  5. Why are most Old English poems anonymous?
  6. What types of literary techniques are used in epic poetry?


  • Be prepared to summarize the key points of the videos and/or answer comprehension questions when you are done. You may take notes if you would like.

If you took the time to view each video and explore the site links, you should be able to answer EVERY question and earn a passing grade. You will be graded out of 25 questions, which means that you can answer five questions inaccurately and still earn a perfect score since there are forty-four available questions.

The text is in Schoology. You have ONE attempt; if you score poorly, you will need to meet with us during One Lunch or after school for a makeup attempt.


Hopefully, you know have a solid understanding of the time period, which will serve as the context for our reading of the poem.

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." -Bergson


This WebQuest was created by Miss Sonya Leigh McGee, Salem High School - November 2018

It was based on the requirements in the 12th grade curriculum for Virginia Beach City Public Schools.


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