Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall was a wall created by the Germans that divided Berlin 1961 to 1989. The construction of the wall started on 13 August 1961, the Wall cut off West Berlin from virtually all of surrounding East Germany and East Berlin until government officials opened it in November 1989. The wall included guard towers placed along large concrete walls combined with large open areas that had anti-vehicle trenches.


Berlin wall is one of the most important symbols of cold war and communism. It was built to show the power of communism to the world. Berlin wall was also a way to make West Berlin feel inferior because of the “good” life that was provided behind the wall. In this WebQuest, you are to explore about the Berlin Wall and its other aspects to have a better understanding about the conflict between USSR and the US.


answer the following questions using the hyperlinks provided.

  1. When was the Berlin wall built?

  2. What was the purpose of Berlin wall?

  3. Who was the USSR leader at the time?

  4. How long was the wall?

  5. How many towers were at the Berlin wall?

  6. How many bunkers were at the Berlin wall?

  7. How many dog runs were defending the Berlin wall?

For numbers 1,2,3, use:

For numbers 4,5,6,7, use:


    Now that you have a better understanding of the physical opponents of the wall, let's learn about the lives of the people behind the wall.

    Answer the following questions using the hyperlinks provided below.

    1. How many people tried to escape?

    2. How many people were killed trying to escape through German Democratic Republic? And how many succeed?

    3. What kind of gadgets did people create to get under or over the wall and what were they made of?

    4. How did the lives of people of the East Berlin improve under the communist leadership?

    5. What did they lack?

    6. What are three benefits of communism?

    7. What are three disadvantages of communism?

    8. What was the East Germany's secret police force called?

    9. What happened to the families after the Berlin Wall was built?

    For numbers 1,2,3, use:

    For numbers 4,5,6,7,, use:

    For number 8, use:

    For number 9, use:


    In conclusion, we will learn how the wall comes down and how Berlin Unites once again.

    Answer the following questions using the hyperlinks provided below.

    1. When did the berlin wall fall?

    2. What was the beginning of the end for the wall?

    3. How many people tried to escape?

    4. Where are the memories of the people killed from the berlin wall at and how are they presented?

    5. What is a thing that people do to remember the victims of the berlin wall?

    For number 1, use:

    For numbers 2,3,4,5, use:



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