Best Invention of the Year


Can you imagine your life without the Internet, the GPS...)? What about electricity? Some of these inventions have shaped the way we live now.

It’s time to make your own contribution, think and share! 

Your colleagues and your are going to write a patent describing a new invention to present it to a contest called “Best Invention of the Century”.


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You are a group of scientists who need to come up with an invention and write a patent. You are participating in the contest “Best Invention of the Century”. The judges will value the invention’s originality and its real-life usefulness.

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To create your invention and produce the patent, you will work in groups of  4, and do the following:

Process 1: From the  Top 10 innovations...  & Top 20 greatest inventions of all time,  create a timeline with the inventions that in your opinion are the most interesting described in these webpages. 

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Process 2: In your groups create your own Top 3 inventions of all time and justify your choice and describe what problem they solve. Here you have some help:  Top 10 innovations...  Top 20 greatest inventions of all timeBBC one Invented in England.

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Process 3: Now it’s time to create your own invention. You can check this website to get inspired.

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   Step 1: Think about a problem that affects your daily lives.

   Step 2: How can that problem be solved?

   Step 3: Write a patent where you describe your invention. Here is some information about how to write a patent:

Tips to write a patent:

  • A patent follows a specific structure, but it has been simplified for this task:

    • Title

    • Description of the invention

    • Problems that the invention solves

    • Why you have chosen to patent your invention

    • Images of the invention (optional)

  • Use formal language, i.e.

    • Avoid using contractions (“we’re, isn’t”)

    • Avoid informal expressions (colloquialisms, slang, etc)

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Process 4: You are going to take part in the contest “Best Inventions of the Century”. Your group has to present your invention and explain:

  • Why did you create that invention?

  • What problem does your invention solve?

  • What are the benefits of your invention?

  • Are there any future problems that your invention may present?

  • How can your invention be incorporated in everyday life?

  • Will it be available for everyone?


Teacher’s evaluation:

You will be evaluated for:

  • Correct use of English, both written and spoken

  • Comprehensible and reliable information

  • Creative presentation

Peer evaluation: your classmates will fill in a rubric about your oral presentation and finally the class will vote for the best invention.


Congratulations! You have finished your Quest now. You have been researching about inventions and you finally created your own. Creativity? 100%

You have surfed the Internet and you have learnt a lot about this topic. Also, you have learnt a lot about your mates!

And everything was done in English! Very well done!!!

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