The Bill of Rights


The Bill of Rights is a fundamental part of our government, and, without them America arguably can not exist like it does today.


This project was designed to demonstrate a class assignment. You will create your own task and WebQuest. For this task you will research the importance, background and real life examples of the Bill of Rights and determine how they apply to our daily lives. Upon completion of the research you will create your own multimedia presentation that provides real life examples of how each Amendment has been applied or challenged in today's society. You will also create a section that includes a class set "Bill of Rights" that you think should be applied in our class today.


1. Review and Research our previous material

2. Brainstorm

3. Create a draft/outline

4. Create your own WebQuest

5. Create a Multimedia presentation showing how each Amendment has been applied in daily life

6. Create a class set of Bill of Rights


The following links may provide a good start



WebQuest/Media Presentation

American History

8 Points
5 Points
2 Points


Student clearly demonstrates an original product that shows variety and used time efficiently.

Students creates an original product but lacks variety or did not use time effeciently

Student put-forth little effort and/or assignment appears to be copied.

Media Presentation

Detailed and used a variety of sources and mediums. Sources are cited and meets all requirements in task

Sources and or mediums are limited but task is complete. Lacks detail and/or creativity

Task is incomplete and/or no sources cited.

Class Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights is detailed and creative, time was used well and amendments can be realistically applied in class

Bill of Rights is complete but may not be completely realistic or lacks details.

Bill of Rights is incomplete.

Submitted Draft/Outline

Student submitted a complete and thorough draft/outline.

Student submitted a draft/outline but could use more detail.

Student draft/outline is incomplete.

Variety of Sources/Media

Student used more than 1 link, 1 video, and 1 picture in WebQuest AND Media Presentation.

Student used 1 link, 1 video and 1 picture in WebQuest AND Media Presentation

Student did not use required amount of mediums for presentations.

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