Do you have a favourite artist? Who is it? Is it a paintor, a musician, a writer, etc? What do you know about his/her life?




Is the year 2025, the coronavirus has officially been eradicated  after a long process of finding a vaccine. One of the most severe consequences of the pandemic was the increase of stress in the population and the lost of interest in others topics apart from the virus.  Due to that reason you have been selected to present an write a biography of your favourite artist, to be presented for people in order to connect them with their artistic side and take out some of the stress.


Here is a biography video to inspire you.




Individually, write a biography about your favourite artist. 


You will have to gather information in order to discriminate and select what you will use for the biography. Write 250 words.

The biography must be engaging to the reader and should answer the following questions:  Where was he/she born? What kind of education did he/she receive? Where did he/she live? How did he/she learn to…? What was his/her first work? Who/what was his/her greatest influence? What is the message in his/her work?

Write the events of the artist life in a chronological manner.

Use connectors such as: both, so that, and last, etc.





Step 1.Select your artist.

Step 2. Collect information about the artist chosen from these sources:

Step 3. Select the most relevant information and summarize it creating an outline of the most important points to use in the biography. You can use the following webpages to start writing:


Microsoft Word


Step 4. This is the main activity in your webquest. Start writing the biography. Your biography should be around 250 words. Use the introduction video as an example to guide yourself. Make sure you answer all the questions presented in the task. Here is a link for you to guide regarding biographies:


Biography examples and definition


Step  5. Your biography will be your first draft, you will have to send it to the teacher and prepare yourself to receive feedback on the task. (You have until May 24th to send your draft by email to the teacher). Visit the following webpage to find connectors for your writing:


Connectors for writing


Step 6. Add a final page where you include all the resources you used.

Step 7. Based on the feedback, arrange the details and flaws indicated by the teacher (if there is any) and finish the biography.

(You have until May 27th to send your final biography to the teacher by email)





This rubric evaluates the 7th Step in the process.


Teachers: Max Contreras R., Andrea Yévenes S.


Name: _________________________________________   Date: ___________________


Excellent (5 points)

Regular (3 points)

Basic (1 points)

Shows evidence of thorough research

Evidence of using multiple resources related to the topic

Evidence of using one appropriate resource

Little evidence of using appropriate resources

Presents important facts, events and content related to the artist work and contributions, in a manner that holds readers’ attention 

Includes significant facts, events and contributions from all stages of person’s life in a lively manner

Includes some important facts, events and contributions but omits others; Information is explained in a basic manner

Events and facts included are not significant in the person’s life; Does not feature major contributions; Information is presented in poor manner

Answers and follows the questions demanded in the task instruction and uses appropriate connectors


The biography answers to every question presented in the instruction of the task fluently, using specific vocabulary

The biography answers to some of the questions presented in the instruction of the task hardly, but it relies on general or overused vocabulary

The biography does not answer to any of the questions presented in the instruction of the task. with poor word choice

Organizes information well using chronological sequence

The biography follows a chronological order of the information

Information is generally organized in a logical manner but some facts does not follow a chronological order

Information appears disjointed with no particular order

Demonstrate appropriate writing, grammar and sentence structure

Few or no errors in spelling, usage and punctuation; writing flows well with good sentence structure

Some errors in spelling, usage and punctuation; but errors do not generally disrupt meaning; sentences are mostly well structured

Many errors in spelling, usage and punctuation distract from the content of the biography; often leaves words out of sentences


Total Points: _________/25                                                      Final Mark: ____________


Congratulations, you have finished your task. The world is better informed about artists biographies thanks to you.

Follow-up activities:

If you enjoyed writing, you should visit the following links, try other writing types


- Short stories:


- Procedural texts:


This WebQuest was created by Max Contreras and Andrea Yevenes for Teaching English through ICT TICS ED1119C UCSC 


Teacher Page

This webquest was created for 9th grade students. For Unit 3 "The Arts" following the OA 10 and OA 16 lined up with the National Curriculum for English education from Chile.