Biomes Project


You have been studying Biomes which are climatically and geographically defined. Biomes are regions of Earth that have similar climates and other abiotic (non-living) factors such as elevation, humidity, and soil type. No matter where they occur on the planet, biomes have similar types of vegetation and animal life, or ecological communities. 


You and your group members will research a biome given to you in class and create a Google slides presentation. The presentation has to include everything listed under "Process" and "Evaluation"



You must include the following in your presentation. You may use as many slides as you need but you have to have at least 10. Do not overcrowd the slides- make each one clear, to the point and easy to read.

1. The name of your biome (title page) which includes a short introduction to your project
2. The biome’s characteristics (climate, average temperature, average precipitation amounts, are there seasons) and locations in the world (continents, countries) (You may need to split this info up into 2 or more slides as it may be too much to put on just 1 slide.)
3. 5 plants that are found in your biome.  Describe an adaptation they have for  surviving in the biome.  (Ex) large horizontal roots
4. 5 animals that are found in your biome.  Describe an adaptation they have  for surviving in the biome.  (Ex) thick fur
5. Threats to the biome.  Give some details to the threats (what are some causes/effects of the threats. (Ex) deforestation-destroying habitats
6.  Why would someone want to visit this biome?
7. Pictures to include are: a map of the biome location, two plants you described, two animals you described, and one picture of the threat.
8. References - include websites, books or other resources you used to create your project, give credit to images you used.


Rubric: Biomes Project


10 pts 8 pts 5 pts 2 pt
Title page and introduction (make sure group members names are listed here as well)        
Overall Characteristics (weather, locations, etc)        
Plant Life (information and photos of plants) (make sure to include adaptations)        
Animal Life (information and photos of animals) (Make sure to include adaptations)        
Information:  Threats to Biome        
Information:  Why Visit Biome?        
Organization: Is the layout, format and photos organized and engaging?        
Mechanics:  Organization neatness, grammar, etc.        
References and Citations        
Overall Presentation

In completion of this project, it is the hope that you have learned a vast amount of information on many biomes and what their characteristics are and maybe even had a little fun in the process.