Bird on the Loose!


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The local animal control just called and they need your help! They heard Mrs. Harper has a classroom full of first-grade scientists! A bird is lost and they need your help finding its home. They need YOU, the scientist, to help this bird get back to its habitat. You will need to research the basic needs for this bird and design a solution to meet the needs of the bird. Are you up for the challenge?


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Thank you for accepting the challenge! First, they need you to identify the type of bird by observing its features. This will require you to visit some online sources to help identify the type of bird. Next, they need you to find out what type of food the bird eats and discover its habitat. Finally, they need you to help design a shelter for the bird until it can return to its home. 


Task 1: Here is the lost bird! Name the type of bird. Pay close attention to the shape, the long beak, and the colors of this bird.

Click here to Name the bird

Once you have discovered the name of the bird, Login to Seesaw to begin your assignment and type the name of the bird. 

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Task 2: Great job! You have discovered the bird.

Now click here to Learn about the bird. Where is the bird from? What does it eat? Think about the types of things this bird needs in order to survive.

To help you expand your thoughts, think about what YOU need to live. Now think about this bird who has lost its family and learn about its basic needs to live.

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Login to Seesaw to type your answers. Be sure to add details to your answers!

Task 3: You are doing awesome! The animal control center has just notified us and they say it will be 4 weeks until this bird can go back home to its family!

Now YOU will draw a picture of the shelter you plan to design for this bird and label each part of the picture.

Click here Login to Seesaw to return to your assignment to design a shelter for this bird until it can return home. You want the bird to feel comfortable and healthy in your care!

Turn in your answers and design to the teacher.






Rubric to make 100%

Beginning Scientist Scientist Advanced Scientist Score
Student discovered the name of the bird. Bird is incorrectly named. Bird name is almost correct. Bird name is fully correct. 20%
Student discovered the type of food the bird eats and its habitat. Answers are not correct. One answer provided is correct. Both answers are correct. 40%
Student designed a shelter and labeled each part. Shelter design doesn't fit habitat and picture is not labeled. Shelter design fits habitat, but the picture is not labeled. Shelter design fits habitat and picture is labeled. 40%
      Total Score:  



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WOW! Thanks to YOU, the bird has been well taken care of and will return home soon! We will continue to learn about animals and meeting all of its needs! Thank you for being a scientist today!