body parts


       ♦  WELCOME♦

 Do you know your body parts?well then this is a fun and educational lesson that we will learn our body parts and their uses .Lets explore and learn together



  ♦The aims of activity is to;

  • Teach the names of body parts
  • Teach the functions of body parts
  • identify the different body parts
  • Teach an activity about body parts

♦ In this video ,you will learn to identify the different body parts


♦In this video ,you will learn the functions of body parts by playing games​​​​​​​

♦In this video, you will listen a song about body parts and repeat it after listening



  Write what you can do with your body part

 for example:


we can touch with our hands



  poor good very good score
eyes see

we can 


we can see

with our eyes

ear hear we can hear we can hear with our ears 25
nose smell we can smell we can smell with our nose 25
mouth taste we can taste we can taste with our mouth 25






Hope you had fun learning about body parts♦

we have learned:

  • The names of our body parts
  • their functions 
  • a new song and enjoyable games

Remember►It is important to know your body parts and their functions