The Boston Tea Party Webquest


It is the morning of December 17, 1773. You awaken to find your neighbors rushing to the Boston Harbor. You notice some men are dressed as Mohawk Indians. You are totally confused as to what is happening. You find out that thousands of boxes of tea were dumped in the Harbor at night. You did not participate in this act, but you want to join the Sons of Liberty and fight for your freedom. However, you are conflicted, your parents are British citizens who believe the King has a right to rule the 13 colonies. Do you revolt with your fellowmen or follow the traditions of your parents?  


You are an American citizen questioning the “fight for freedom”. You love your country and feel it is unfair what the British have done to you, your family and your neighbors. Your parents, although they have been burdened by the British as well, still hold true to their mother country and have strongly suggested you not to fight. Many of the rebells who have fought for freedom, have been arrested. Your parents fear for your safety and question your ties to Great Britain, the country where your family comes from. Using the websites below chose a side on which to fight. Will you disobey and disregard your family and its traditions, or fight for the freedom you know your family and the rest of the 13 colonies deserve? Create a letter to your parents stating which side you take with the reasons why you made your decision. 

Read this newspaper clipping about the Boston Tea Party. What is the author trying to argue here? Do you agree with his points about the Boston Tea Party? Why or why not?… 
Here is another newspaper clipping of Boston Tea Party. What kinds of things are argued in this clipping? Do you think the author is justified in taking the stance they did about the Boston Tea Party? Do you think there are “bad consequences” as a result of the Boston Tea Party? Why or why not?…  
Article resolving the Boston Tea Party (pg. 4-5). What are the main points listed in this article? Are they justified in their points? Why or why not?… 
Sermon on the Boston Tea Party (pg. 16) What is the author’s main idea? What elements is the author using to persuade his main idea? Do you agree with the points the author made? Why or why not?… 

Look at the variety of pictures and write down your thoughts. Where would you be standing? Why? 
Write your impressions on what you feel with about the join or die image? What does it mean to you? Would you have a different saying to recruit people to fight the British? Why or why not? 


Create your own picture either depicting which side you wish to promote; the fight for freedom or the loyalty to the crown. 


Write a letter to parents choosing which side you wish to fight on, using reasons listed in articles. Please turn in to teacher by the end of the class period.