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Today I want you to use your imagination and decide what you would change if you could pass a new law in the United States.  Would it be free candy for everybody?  Would it be no homework and two-hour recess every day?  Would you try to pass a law that helped people who are homeless or hungry?  How do our ideas about how to change or do things better become laws?  Let's do some research and find out how our government works and the process of passing a law in our country.



Think about and write three laws that you would add or change.  Please use complete sentences.  

Working with your partner, read through the WebQuest handout to find out what information you are looking for.

Review the attached links (PowerPoint, video, and music) to help you learn more about our three branches of government.  You will then complete the WebQuest Page.

Describe how a bill becomes a law.


Partner Work

Write your three laws or changes to laws on the back of your WebQuest Worksheet, then share with your partner.

Watch the following videos to find the answers to your WebQuest worksheet questions:

Work with your partner to answer the questions and fill in the blanks on your WebQuest worksheet.

Watch this video to learn about how a bill becomes a law.

You will then write, draw or record a video explaining how this process works to complete this WebQuest.

  • Write three complete sentences about new laws or changes to existing laws that you would make. (12 pts)
  • Complete WebQuest page questions - 20 questions 4 pts each (80 pts)
  • Write a response, make a video, or draw a picture that explains where your idea (bill) has to go in order to become a law (7 pts)

This link provides an infographic that shows the three branches of government.

After writing your ideas for new laws, reviewing the linked content, answering the questions on the worksheet and writing drawing or recording your explanation of how a bill becomes law you have completed this assignment.

This video explains a little more about the reason for three branches and the idea of checks and balances. 


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Cynthia Peavy

SS3CG1 Describe the elements of representative democracy/republic in the United States.

a. Describe the three branches of the national government: executive (president), legislative (Congress), and judicial (Supreme Court of the United States).

c. State the main responsibility of each branch: executive (enforcing laws), legislative (making laws), judicial (determining if laws are fair).